Your Personal Credo

Thu, Dec 23, 2010


What is your personal credo?

What do you stand for?

What set of rules do you live by?

Here is 15 of a 100 of my “Personal Credo” statements:

I agree to the following CREDO for my beliefs:

1)     I never make excuses. It’s my fault, good or bad.

2)     I constantly strive to increase order and discipline in my life. Discipline usually means doing the opposite of what I feel like doing.

3)     I strive to be exceptional in all important endeavors by doing more than is expected of me. I give it my best. I am willing to pay the price. I expect half-hearted results, or less, from half-hearted efforts.

4)     I cut all ties with dishonest, negative, and lazy people.

5)     Rationalizations are generally convenient evasions of reality and are used as excuses for dishonest behavior and/or laziness.

6)     I always have lofty explicit goals and focus on them immediately. I assume the attitude that if I don’t reach my goals, I will literally die! This type of survival pressure mindset, no matter how briefly used, forces me to use my time effectively… and illuminates new ways of getting things done.

7)     Enthusiasm covers many deficiencies – and will make others want to associate with me.

8)     I nourish my body with proper nutrition, exercise, and rest.

9)     I keep an active mind, and continue to grow intellectually. I either grow or regress. Nothing stands still.

10)  If there is a conscious struggle to be honest in difficult situations, I am probably being dishonest. Character isn’t really tested until things aren’t going well or until the stakes are high.

11)  I do not compromise if I am right. I hold my ground, show no fear, ask for what I want, and the opposition will usually agree.

12)  If the situation is not right in the long term, I walk away from it. I maintain a long term outlook in all endeavors.

13)  I put no limits on my imagination. I AM SO CREATIVE, I SCARE MYSELF.

14)  By adhering to a strong honest philosophy, I will remain guiltless, blameless, independent, and maintain control over my life. Without a sound philosophy, my life will eventually crumble.

15)  I take full responsibility for my actions or lack of action.

Download the rest of my credo here!

You can use this as a guide for your credo. This is a great time of year to get this in place.

This is another tool you can place in your arsenal to give you the strength to move forward in your business and life!

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