Should I Wrap My Dry Cleaning Van?

Tue, Jun 29, 2010

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From one of my members, David Whitehurst of Champion Cleaners, Birmingham, AL:

David Whitehurst's Van

A friend of mine…and a customer…is in the direct marketing business. While I have never done any business with him, he has great ideas and insight into direct marketing. And we are all in that business with Greg’s program. This is an extract from his e-newsletter I received today and he is right on target with the subject of van wraps…and BEING DIFFERENT. This is what my friend, Scott Swedenburg at MailEnterprises, said about standing out from the crowd.

“Be Different. I recently returned from a mission trip to Sudan. What an incredible experience! There are so many great stories to share. One day we visited a small market near our village. Many of the vendors had straw mats displaying fruits, vegetables or eggs. The more upscale retailers had erected crude wooden booths with tin roofs, each having enough room for maybe 2 to 3 people. One of the things that struck me was the “sameness.” No one stood out in the market. Each mat looked almost identical to the next. All the booths had the same product mix. No color, no signs, no sales pitch…nothing to draw potential customers into their store. I didn’t know where to spend my money. No one stood out from the crowd.

As Seth Godin says “No purple cows.” Does this describe your business? You are more or less just like the business down the street – a good company that offers good service. Your potential customers are not sure who should get their dollars. If a young woman is looking for a good dentist, why should she choose your practice over the other dentists near her home? Be different and stand out from the crowd! Show your donors and prospects you’re not the same as everyone else.”

If you take the cheap way out and don’t use a bright, professional image on your full van wrap, you are missing the best opportunity you ever have to spread your image in your market…in the exact neighborhoods you are trying to build in your business I have attached a file with my van wrap. If you aren’t using something like this and your competitor does, I wonder who will lose out?

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