Why Brochures Don’t Work

Mon, Oct 31, 2016

Dry Cleaning Marketing

1. They scream out “This is a sales message.” And you know this as well as I do: once someone tries to sell you something, you pull back and refuse to listen. Have you seen the cartoon with General Patton in the middle of a

Brochures DON'T work!!

Brochures DON’T work!!

war? A salesman comes up to him with a box full of guns and Patton says, “I don’t have time right now for a salesman.” The salesman has exactly what Patton needed at that moment, but he knew he was trying to sell him something and he refused based on him being a salesman. A brochure is immediately seen as a sales message. It doesn’t work.

2. With brochures you can’t easily change your approach if you’re first one doesn’t work. What if you discontinue one of your services or you add one. What if you change your dry cleaning prices? Your guarantee? Your headline? Or you change anything else? Your first try at an advertising piece usually doesn’t work. With a brochure it’s impossible to keep testing. Fortunately, you’ll have all the advertising tools that have been tested in your tool kit. When you start testing your own, don’t use a brochure, use a sales letter.

3. You can’t cheaply test a brochure. You might want to try several approaches at once to see which one works best. A brochure doesn’t give you that option. Test, test, test is always the motto in the direct marketing world. You never know what’s going to work or what’s not. The market will tell you what they like. You can’t predict that. Brochures don’t give you that flexibility—letters do.

Why Letter Always Get A Better Response:

1. Letters are personal. You don’t get brochures from your friends, you get letters. The same approach works with business letters. They are more personal, less business—even though they are for business purposes. People do business with people, not with businesses. People think of brochures as sales. Who wants to deal with a salesperson? I don’t—and I’m a salesperson.

Get Dan Kennedy's book on how to write a sales letter. It's how I started.

Get Dan Kennedy’s book on how to write a sales letter. It’s how I started.

2. Letters are cheap. And cheap works for me, how about you? You can run a few off of your computer and the test begins. You can write your test letter in the morning and it’s in the mail or dropped off in your target neighborhood in the afternoon. Let’s say that you design a new sales letter to include with your bag drop marketing (more on this later). You can test a new headline and have it included in your bag drops an hour later. You’ll know in a couple of days if this new headline is working by the response you get with the full bags of dry cleaning being ready to be picked up.

3. You can easily change a letter. You can go out after you get the results from the headline you just did and try a new headline. And if that doesn’t work, you can try another one in a couple of days. The flexibility is incredible. You can change and adjust all you want with the keystroke of your computer. And then if you find one that works, you can go to Kinko’s and get a bunch copied and go conquer the world.

4. With letters, you have no waste. Print only the number you need. You don’t have to get 1,000 printed and then find out that they are not working. With letters, you only print a few at a time. I hope I have you convinced. This letter stuff works like a charm. Try it! You’ll be amazed.

Throw out all the brochures you have. THEY DON’T WORK!

Brochure/Letter Story: My first copywriting job involved a brochure my friend Matt was using on 10,000+ leads that just came in the door from a mention they got on one of the news shows. They sent this tri-fold brochure out to all 10,000+ leads and got the big ZERO return. Not a soul ordered their $58 product. Not even one called to find out more about it. Matt was beside himself.

He heard that I wrote a sales letter for my brother selling some arthritis cream and that it was working. This arthritis cream sales letter was my first crack at writing copy. It took me over 80 hours to write that letter. Matt asked me if I could write him one for his product. I did it for $500, my first paid copywriting job.

Today, I get $15,000 plus a piece of the action for writing sales letters. Anyway, I wrote him his sales letter. Guess what happened? I was even impressed by the response I was able to get. 843 people ordered his $58 product for $48,894 in sales.

Matt used that campaign for over 9 years and he just told me the other day that it generated an average of $75,000/year in income for him over those years. He used that same sales letter all those years too. The brochure didn’t get one order. The sales letter got 843. The winner is clear.

Matt has since paid me $200,000+ over the years to write him sales letters for his various companies. So, I’m speaking from experience when I tell you this: Brochures DON’T work—sales letters DO!

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