Are You A Dry Cleaning Whiner? I was!

Sat, Jul 10, 2010


I used to blame everything and everybody but myself for my failure in this business. I felt sorry for myself. I used to throw a “pity” party most every day. “Poor me. Why me? Won’t someone help me.”  That used to be my self talk.

I was going through a divorce, so I blamed that. I didn’t have any money, so I couldn’t build my route. Every break was a bad break. And all luck was bad luck.

I was waiting for something OUTSIDE of me to come to the rescue to make it happen. I was waiting for just the right time. I was waiting the the sea to part and things would be better.

Well, you know what?

It NEVER got better… with that attitude! No it didn’t.

Let me tell you when it did change for me. It changed when I started taking full RESPONSIBILITY for my business and my life. I still didn’t have any money to get route customers. I still was going through a divorce (a second one–ha, ha) and I still was no better off than I was a year before that.

What changed was my attitude towards everything. I now looked at everything as my fault–good or bad! I wasn’t going to wait any more for someone to come rescue me. I was going to make it happen myself.

So if you don’t have any money to build your business and all the luck you’ve had recently is bad luck, there is still hope.

First and foremost: Decide right at this moment that you are taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your life! Decide that no matter what comes in your way, you will work through it and make it happen. Decide that from this very moment to stop feeling sorry for yourself and feel happy that you’re still in business and you still have your health (and if you’re health isn’t perfect, it’s better than being in the pine box).

If you absolutely have no money and you can’t tap a credit card or borrow some somehow, you go out and knock on doors. That doesn’t cost a dime. I don’t care if you’re scared to death of knocking on someone’s door, you go out there and make it happen–I did!  Would you rather be a little scared to knock on a strangers door or broke and out of business? Which do you want?

And if you can did up some money, call me at 888-661-7992 and I’ll work something out with you. I know you can be successful. I know you can make it happen. I was in your spot. I have member’s that were in your position. I made it and so did those members.

How bad do you want it? How much are you willing to say %$#@, and make it happen?

You’ve got to dig deep down, put the blinders on, and just go for it.

The universe will reward you. It did me.

You’ve just got to have faith in you. You are the ONLY one that can make this happen.

Stop whining. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop the pity party. Just stop all of that nonsense.

I want you to commit right now that no matter what, you will succeed. They can throw anything at you, and you’ll dodge it and you’ll still forge forward. NOTHING is going to stop you.

Go knock on some doors or call me.

I’m here to help. I’ve been where you’ve been. I know how to get out. Take responsibility!!

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2 Responses to “Are You A Dry Cleaning Whiner? I was!”

  1. vaji Says:

    I really enjoyed reading your email. It looks like you have been through a lot of battles and came our a winner. Therefore your experiences ought to be taken as proven litmus test. I am pretty sure if someone sticks to your plan will absolutely benefit one way or the other. The reward will come somehow. You remind me of the story of an old poor man who was at his death bed and he calls his sons for his last will. He tells them he knows somewhere in their large land there is a hidden treasure but he does not know where it is. They have to turn the land over to find it. Soon the father dies and lazy children start digging the land. They turn every inch over and can not find the treasure. Then they decide to plant something since the land is tilled. Then they sow the land and it results a good crop since it had not been planted for so long and was tilled so well. All they make a good money off of their crop which resulted to be their initial investment for future farming. This is what the old man had planned for them but they would not do it if he had given them direct. Therefore he had to bamboozle them by telling them there was a hidden treasure in the land he had left them.

  2. Greg Says:

    Vaji–thanks for your wise words. I know all of you dry cleaners can make your businesses successful. It’s my job to get you to do it. And I will do it any way I can, as long as it’s ethical and legal. I’ve been fortunate in my life to have those who prodded me. I know you can do it!!

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