What Is A Citation & How Important Is It To Your Online Presence, Especially Your Website’s Rankings?

Mon, Apr 15, 2013

Dry Cleaning Marketing

A citation is a listing of your dry cleaning business with an authority site on the Internet.

Google is an authority site. Yahoo & Bing are authority sites. And so are these: Yelp, WhitePages, MapQuest, Superpages, Citysearch, Local.com, Foursquare, Patch, MerchantCircle, eLocal, EZlocal, GetFave, LocalDatabase, ShowMeLocal, Topix, CitySquares, LocalPages, MojoPages, google1Yellowise, YellowMoxie, Tupalo, Avantar, BestOfTheWeb, Co-Pilot, Cricket, YellowBot, HopStop, MetroPCS, Navmil, Where To?, CliqSearch, ChamberOfCommerce.com, USCity.net, YellowPageCity.com, Americantowns.com, 8coupons, Factual, and many more.

Go find out how you’re listing on these authority sites.

Why is it so important to be listed with a bunch of authority sites? The more times you’re listed, Google, Yahoo and Bing will take you more seriously. And taking you more seriously, gets you listed higher up in their rankings. So you want your business name, address, phone number, website and keywords listed on all of these authority websites EXACTLY the same way.

You want your business name, address and phone number listed exactly the same way on these authority sites or you water down your rankings on the search engines—Google being the big one.

bing1Before we get into how to list your dry cleaners and where to do it, I want to talk about how to list your business.

Everyone of these authority sites is going to ask you for your dry cleaners name, address, phone number, website, a description and some pictures. It’s important that you fill out these to maximize your online presence.

The first thing to consider is your name. My business name is Colosi’s Cleaners. I came up with this name in 1996 just when the Internet was just getting started. If I knew about keywords back then, I would have named my business: Colosi’s Dry Cleaners. Why? Because the #1 Keyword when someone is searching for a dry cleaner is, “dry cleaners [your town] [your state]” or “dry cleaners [your postal code]”. So mine would look like, “dry cleaners pittsford ny” or “dry cleaners 14534”.

So instead of changing my name (which I’m doing very soon to Colosi’s Green Dry Cleaners), I just changed it online to “Colosi’s Dry Cleaners”. I did this so that the #1 keyword was in my name—dry cleaners. So you might want to consider this like I did. It will go a long way in getting your business higher in the rankings and on the first page of Google.

If you check out my rankings on Google (to check it out, type in “dry cleaners pittsford ny” into Google), you’ll find that I’m listed on the first page of Google 7 times. I control 7 of the 13 or so listings on the first page. So my prospective customers have a chance of clicking on my listing seven times. My closest competitor is listed once on the first page of Google. And a lot of it has to do with citations.yahoo1

The second most important thing you have to do with your citations on all of these authority sites is to get the keywords, “dry cleaners”, “dry cleaner” and “dry cleaning” into your listing. You can do that when describing your dry cleaning delivery service.

Oh, by the way, “dry cleaners”, “dry cleaner” and “dry cleaning” are the top three keywords that people use when looking for a dry cleaners. They add [your town], [your state] or [your postal code] to the keyword when searching for you.

So after getting the #1 keyword in your name, you can get the rest of these keywords into your listing by using them in the description of your business. All of these authority sites will ask you for a description of your business.

I would write something like this: “Try us out with $10 in FREE dry cleaning. We are the dry cleaner that will pick-up and deliver your dry cleaning on time, every time or it’s FREE! Colosi’s Dry Cleaners is taking all the risk. So try out this no strings attached $10 in FREE dry cleaning offer.”

As you can see, I used 4 keywords in this description of my dry cleaning business. Keywords are the most important thing you can do with your listings. If you don’t use them, you’re wasting your time.

The next most important thing to do is load up a bunch of pictures. The actual pictures are not important, but the file name you give to your pictures are. This is going to get technical, so you might want to get your teenage kid involved. Change the file names of your pictures to keyword file names before you download them.  For example: drycleaner.jpg / drycleaners.png  / drycleaning.jpg. These are all file names you could use for your pictures. Again, it’s the keywords than get your ranking higher in the Google rankings.

“So Greg, is there an easy way to get listed on all of these 30+ authority sites with ease?” I’m happy to say that there is. Go here and find out how.

It took me about 15 minutes and I was listed on all 30+ authority sites. Once you do this, your done. And if you want to make a change it’s 5 minutes once, not 5 minutes on 30 different sites. Good luck citation-ing!

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