The Worst Mistake Is To NOT Make Any!

If you are always afraid and play it safe, you won’t get anywhere in life and in business. As dry cleaners, we are business owners. As a business owner, it is our job to try out new things in our businesses. Most of the new things we try, just plain out don’t work. It’s depressing. It’s not fun. It’s awful.

If you change the way you think about these mistakes, I GUARANTEE you that your mindset will change.

Let me share an example of how I go about testing one of my mailings and all the mistakes I make before it’s a go. But first I want to change some of the language for you. I don’t call mistakes failures. I call it testing. When I test, some things work out and some don’t. I make a list of all things I want to test and then I go down the list and get through it. When I test, it’s just a result. I don’t put a label on it. It worked or it didn’t work.

So here’s the list of things I tested (and I just did this recently for my membership) for a sales letter to use in “Gated Communities” to get route customers.

Test #1: Headline. This is the most important test and will take the most time to find the best headline. Fortunately, I have a headline that works for bag drops, so one very familiar to that will probably end up working for “Gated Communities.” When you find a headline that works for one market, it’s likely that it will work in another. I narrowed it down to 3 headlines that I though would work. Now it’s time to test them. I mailed 100 letters for each headline. One totally bombed. The other two where close in response, but one was clearly the winner. And fortunately, both of those were very profitable.

Test #2: Offer. Now that I’ve got the headline that works, I want to test the offer. The “offer” is what are you going to offer them to get them to try out your dry cleaning delivery service. Again, we have an offer that works for our bag drops, but that might now work with this “Gated Community” mailing. So I’ll test three offers to see which one gets the best response. In other testing that I’ve done, I found out that percentage offers don’t work and offers with stipulations don’t work. You know, the offers that have an asterisk next to them and say, but you can’t have this and this or that. So I’m going to test giving $50, $20 and $10 in FREE dry cleaning away with no strings attached, no gimmicks. They can use the $10 bucks just like cash on any dry cleaning or laundering that they want done.  The $10 in FREE dry cleaning won hands down! This is the offer that we use in our bag drop sales letter.

Test #3: The Sales Letter Copy. This is the least important, but you’ve got to have the right format, which I know because I’ve done this hundreds of times before in dozens of different industries. So I tested two different ones and one clearly came out the winner.

As you can see, this didn’t feel like I made any mistakes, did it? It’s a process of trying out things in your business and some work and some don’t. It’s ONLY results!

I have found this to be true: “Those that make the most mistakes, also make the most successes.” Go make some mistakes!

I do all this testing for my 450+ members of the Colosi Group. If you’d like to find out how to be part of that group and let me do all the testing for you, click on this link:

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