Are You Spamming In Your Dry Cleaning Business?

Fri, Mar 26, 2010

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Do you treat your dry cleaning business’s marketing like the spammers on the Internet do?

Most dry cleaners do. What do I mean by that?

I mean that you have no rhyme or reason with any or all of the marketing you do. The yellow page rep comes in and you buy an ad. The Val-Pak rep comes in and you decide to try it. The local newspaper comes in and you place an ad. You get a call from one of those Internet companies and you pay them $79/month to get a listing.

What are you doing? I’ll tell you what your doing–your wasting your MONEY!

You should have a very simple, one page marketing plan that outlines what you’re going to do this week, next week, next month and throughout the year.  If you don’t have a plan, you will fail miserably. You’re like a ship without a rudder floating wherever the waves will take you.
What should you do?  There are many things you can do.

The very first thing I would do is convert your counter customers to route customers. Why?

Because if you don’t, some dry cleaning route operator will swoop up all those customers around your store. I talk to dry cleaners every day and they’re calling me and asking me what to do when this happens. I tell them to convert at the counter and get your ass out there in the natural area around your store and start getting route customers.

If you don’t do this one simple thing, some other dry cleaner will. This is what I teach my members to do–go out and get route customers around the dry cleaners in the best parts of town (hopefully it’s not your store).  Put together a program for your counter people and reward them for converting your customers to the route.

Get rid of the “Spam” approach in your dry cleaning business and get on the right kind of marketing right away!

8 Responses to “Are You Spamming In Your Dry Cleaning Business?”

  1. Vincent Says:

    Hi! That’s great insight Greg. Tell me this, what would you do to to improve my website: ?

  2. Greg Says:

    Vince–thanks for your comment. In regards to your website, there is no place for your prospective route customers to sign up online. I would put in an order form for them to fill out. Second, there are people visiting your website that are interested, but not enough to get signed up right now. You should have an opt-in form and offer them something like the garment cleaning tip of the week and get them to sign up. And one more thing, who’s running this business? If it’s you, you should have your picture right on your home page. People want to do business with people, not with some faceless corporation. I hope this helps? Go check out my website at Hope to hear from you again.

  3. Manny Says:

    what a great idea i wish i would have ran into your website before i sold my agency,cause im having trouble getting paid off.
    But at lease i got a print out of all old and exisiting customers names,phone#,address! thats where i hope you can help?

  4. wesley Says:

    I am opening a Dry Cleaning offering home pick up & delivery, my plan is as soon as i open the business i’ll be sendind postcards with coupons to the entire town which i am planing get customers, using the USPS Every Door Mail, how is the return i should expect on begining of this new business? Those postcards with coupons is a good idea?
    thanks for your help, your website is very helpfull

  5. Greg Says:

    Hey Wesley–the method of delivering your message (postcards) is no where as important as what’s written on the postcard. This is called direct marketing. Testing is very important to make sure your postcards are going to work. DON’T design a postcard and spend thousands mailing it out. Design a postcard and spend $100 or so to see if it works. If it works with this small test, it will work with a much larger mailing. To build a route, there is primarily two ways to do it: Knocking on doors and my No Door Knocking Method. I wish you luck. Let me know how you make out.

  6. wesley Says:

    thanks Greg for the opinion, i’ll do that first, great advice. As your own experience what should i expect on the beginning? No walk in customers on first month, i know each business is different but some parts it is. I’m preparing to get no sales on first month, which believe is very frustrated.One thing i’ll do is offer tuxedos rental together with the business to grow the income, plus alterations, shoes repairs. Which software do you use or recommend? One below $1k.

  7. wesley Says:

    Also Greg please visit my website if you have a chance and tell me what you think, i’ll add photos from the business when is ready to open, still under remodeling, also a my own picture to let my customers know who they are dealing with.

  8. wesley Says:

    Sorry, my website is i forgot to tell you lol

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