Part 1-How To Advertise With Proven Scientific Advertising In Your Dry Cleaning Business

Sun, Dec 27, 2009


Claude C. Hopkins wrote a book in 1923 called…My Life in Advertising and Scientific Advertising (Advertising Age Classics Library).  I’m going to talk about some of the principles that he discovered in his work that are as true today and they were back then. And they will work in your dry cleaning business.

I’m going to quote Claude Hopkins from his book and then talk about how to apply this to your dry cleaning business. And please remember that this was written in 1923 and it’s from his experiences that started in the late 1800’s.

“I will teach any man in one day that selling without samples is many times as hard as with them.”
Claude is saying that to get someone to try your dry cleaning delivery service without some FREE dry cleaning is much harder than giving them some dry cleaning to test you out. I give $10 in FREE dry cleaning, with no strings attached to get people to try my delivery service. My members all do the same thing. We’ve tried “percentage off” offers and they do not do as well as $10 in FREE dry cleaning. I’ve tried $20, $30, $40 and $50 FREE dry cleaning offers and they don’t work as well as $10 off. I suspect more than $10 in free dry cleaning sounds too good to be true and that’s why it doesn’t work.

“The things we like, may appeal to a small minority. The losses occasioned in advertising by venturing on personal preference would easily pay the national debt. We must submit all things in advertising, as in everything else, to the court of public opinion.”
My preferences and your preferences don’t matter. Your opinion  and my opinion of what we think our prospective customers will like is not important. It’s the preferences and opinions of our prospects that matter. I don’t use brochures. I use sales letters because they work. I like brochures, but I use sales letter because they work much better than brochures. It’s usually not the pretty advertisement that you and I like that works. It’s the “not pretty” ones that our prospects respond to that works.

“No argument in the world can ever compare with one dramatic demonstration. I have no sympathy with those who feel that fine language is going to sell goods at a profit.”
We can demonstrate with free dry cleaning how our delivery service works. Telling them with fine words about how it works WITHOUT giving them a free run at it will not get you as many new customers as giving them some free dry cleaning.

“Tell the pains you take to excel. Tell factors and features which others deem too commonplace to claim. Your product will come to typify those excellencies. If others claim them afterward, it will only serve to advertise you.”
If you’re in the green dry cleaning business, tell them how you clean differently than the other dry cleaners. Explain what “green dry cleaning” is. Make some short video’s and put them on your website. Once you explain this to the public, other dry cleaners that explain it will only be advertising for you.

“Try to hedge or protect yourself, and human nature like to circumvent you. But remove all restrictions and say, ‘We trust you,’ and human nature likes to justify that trust. All my experience in advertising has shown that people in general are honest.”
Most people are honest. So when you offer them $10 in FREE dry cleaning, they understand that it’s a “no risk” offer to try our delivery service out. Once in a while you get a mooch and that’s just part of being in business. So remove all the fine print and just give them some dry cleaning to try out your pick-up and delivery service.

Go here if you’d like a copy of Claude Hopkins book: My Life in Advertising and Scientific Advertising (Advertising Age Classics Library). And by the way, if you purchase this book, I get a little commission.

I’ll continue with Part 2 in a few days.

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