Face It, You’re In Sales

Tue, Dec 22, 2009

Advertising, Dry Cleaning Marketing

Face it–you’re in sales!  You’re a business owner. You own a dry cleaners.  It’s all about getting customers in your door (or in your vans for that matter).

You’re not going to make it big if you think you’re not a salesperson. Sales make the world go around.

You should be focusing your time on marketing your dry cleaning business.  You should be overseeing the rest of your business.  If your major tasks for the day are not on getting customers into your dry cleaning business, you should NOT be doing them.

Selling is only persuading other people of your opinions.  You do that all the time in your everyday life.  Now we are going to take that skill and apply it to your dry cleaning delivery business.

Personally, I wouldn’t sell anything unless I would sell it to my mother.  And if you really believe in your business, it doesn’t feel like selling.  After a while, you’ll learn to love it.

If you believe in your dry cleaning business, you will do whatever it takes to make it successful. Selling is a skill you must learn if you haven’t already.  And marketing is another skill. I teach dry cleaners how to take their selling skills and apply it to the marketing of their dry cleaning business.

I can help you.

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