November 2010 Article In Cleaner & Launderer

November 2010 Cleaner & Launderer

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4 Responses to “November 2010 Article In Cleaner & Launderer”

  1. Bob Leiteritz Says:

    Looks like a good idea. Can we see a color picture of your business card?


  2. Greg Says:

    It’s black and white Bob.

  3. Camelusa Says:

    I love it!!!! I want it too!!
    How can you help me? I am very new in a Dry Cleaning business and need your help as air.
    I like what you do and to say congratulation, it is not just enough.
    I read everything you sent to me and I am impress.
    Wonderful job!, but now need you to help me from A to Z.
    Thank you.

  4. Greg Says:

    This blog is a great source Camelusa for getting route customers. You can email me directly with your questions at

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