Most Of My Businesses Have Failed!!

Sat, Nov 21, 2009


I have a confession to make.  I HAVE STARTED 33 BUSINESSES IN MY 30 YEARS OF BUILDING BUSINESSES and most of them didn’t make it (or what other people would call “failures”).

Either I got started selling whatever it was and people weren’t buying it, so I stopped.  Or I ran it for a while and it went bust.

I can tell you this with absolute confidence: I learned more from my so-called failures than I did from my successes.

How can that help you? I definitely know what DOESN’T work and I know some stuff that DOES work.  I’m going to share lots of marketing strategies with you over the next days, weeks and months.  I’ve used most of them and the ones I didn’t, my members use them everyday.

There is NO theory here, just real live business marketing stuff.

So saddle up, hold on to your hat and get ready for some bonifide marketing strategies that are working in today’s dry cleaning marketplace.

So what did you learn today? This is something that I learned about 20 years ago and I call it “Personality Marketing.”

Use your personality in all of your marketing–in your letters, your emails, on your delivery van, in your dry cleaning advertising and in everything you do marketing wise for your dry cleaning business. Tell them a little bit about yourself so that they get to know you personally. This works best with small businesses like dry cleaners.

I just told you that most of my businesses failed. I let you in. When you let your customers or prospective customers in, they will like and trust you more. They will know the real you and they’ll want to do business with you because of that.

I hoped you liked this!  And better yet, I hope you start using your personality in your dry cleaning business!

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