The Magic Numbers are 3/45 In Keeping Dry Cleaning Customers

Mon, Jan 31, 2011

Dry Cleaning Marketing

If you’ve got a storefront, it’s easy to get a first time customer, but how easy to have that same customer coming back 3 times in the next 45 days?

It’s not that easy! Have you figured out what percentage of your new customers return a second and third time? Having this basic information can help you get them as a permanent customer.

So 3/45 is getting them back into your store or your route 3X in the first 45 days.

How do you do that? Here is what my successful members do to insure that over 92% return with their routes and 76% return to their stores. It’s easy, but most of you won’t do it. It takes some work to get the system set up, but once it’s on autopilot, it works like a charm.  Here are the 7-steps:

Step 1: Snail mail a welcome letter – Explain how your delivery service works or the hours of your store. Include some personal information about you, the owner. Include your picture, prices and the guarantees you have.

Step 2: Email the same thing – This means that you get their email address just like you get other info. Ask confidently and you’ll get it.

Step 3: Snail mail a short hand-written thank you note –  for coming into your store or starting with your route. David Whitehurst, longtime member of my group has his counter people send out hand-written thank you notes every day. His new customer rate went from 48% to 76% when he did this.

Step 4: Video or phone call – I use my iPhone to create a short customer video and I email it to them. You can also call or have one of your counter people call and thank them for trying out your dry cleaners. Most of the time you’ll get the voicemail. Prepare a simple script that you or your people can use.

Step 5: Send out a welcome kit – After a week or so, I mail out a micro-fiber cloth and explain how to use it in your shower to always keep it shinny and clean. I also include one of my best newsletters and another letter explaining our dry cleaning services, rug doctor rental, house cleaning and other services that I broker from local companies.

Step 6: Send out a newsletter every month – You can attach to all your outgoing dry cleaning or send it out in the mail, or both.

Step 7: Email them at least once a week – Tell them about your deal of the month, referral program and give them some dry cleaning tips they can use.

I do all these things and so do my successful members (267+). Once you get this set up, it’s automatic and happens without your input.  I just back from a trip to the Dominican Republic and everything went according to plan without a hitch.

And one last step if you have a route, you’ve got call them every week with a reminder. I use for my automatic calling.

You do all these steps and you’ll keep most of the people trying you out for the first time. And the good news is that all of this is done for you if you’re a member of my group. To find out more, give me your info to the right or call 888-661-7992.

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3 Responses to “The Magic Numbers are 3/45 In Keeping Dry Cleaning Customers”

  1. Burke Says:

    Greg – when you use the VoiceBlaze to call them, do you typically call them twice a week? If you service them on Monday and Thursday, do you call them Sunday evening AND Wednesday evening?

    Good stuff – keep it up!

  2. Greg Says:

    Burke–twice a week is too much. Just once is fine. Sunday night for three weeks and Wednesday night for 1 week. And on the reminder call, you can say, “your pick-up days are Mondays and Thursdays.” Go to my quote site: and get some quotes to use on the calls. Best. Greg

  3. Barbara Taylor Says:

    I’m agree with Greg

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