Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself. Life Is About Creating Yourself.

You’re a dry cleaner. So what does this have to do with you? I think…lots! Let me explain.

You are a business owner. You are tough. You get paid after all of your employee’s and suppliers get paid. You just can’t wander around finding your business, you’ve got to create it.

How do you create your business?

You decide how good your quality is. You decide how good your customer service is. You decide how you’re going to get your customers. You decide everything. Your business just doesn’t happen, you make it happen.

The first task in creating yourself and your business is to let your personality show through in everything you do in your dry cleaning business. Start a blog. Talk about your family, your employees, your hobbies or anything else you want to talk about. Leave out politics and religion.

Write your blogs, letters and all your correspondence with your customers as your talk. Don’t worry about your English. You can always get someone to edit it. But make sure it still sounds like you’re talking to them like you’d talk to your neighbor.

Set up quality standards. You know how to answer the phone, but do your people know how? If not, create a script and have everyone learn it. How do you handle lost and damaged garments? Set up a procedure for that and give your people the power to take care of it. I ask the customer what they want and I give it to them on the spot. Don’t make them jump through hoops because you’re going to lose them. So set up all your customer service procedures. And make it fun for your people to work for you. Imagine how you’d like to be handled and make your business like that.

A bunch of my members have a popcorn maker in stores for their customers. Lots have espresso and coffee. What can you do to create a fun and easygoing environment in your lobby?  You can create the Disney World of dry cleaning for your business. It’s up to you. You decide. You create.

You create your business. You make it happen. You get the customers to come in. You get them to stay. It’s all in your control. ONLY you can do this. No one else can. Now…go make it happen!

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