In Your Dry Cleaning Business Who Do You Market To?

Thu, Feb 18, 2010


Do you market to your future customers?  I do!

Some dry cleaners don’t. Some dry cleaners market and sell to the naysayers and the complainers. Do you?

What do I mean by this? If you get one complaint about your marketing, do you stop doing it? I hope not. I hope your running your dry cleaning business for your “future customers” and not the non-customers.

Take a look at this unsolicited testimonial I go yesterday:

Let me first begin by saying that you run the most amazing business ever!  My husband and I have been so impressed with everything from your reusable advertising, reminder calls with the quote of the day, to how soft our sweaters come back!  I have never in my life been excited about dry cleaning until the day your bag arrived on my door!  So thank you for all that you have done for us.

I have referred a few friends to you.  Just in case they don’t happen mention our name, here they are:
  • Alissa and Jim Roger
  • Melissa and Drew Livingston
  • Katie and Ben Wilson
  • Courtney and Charlie Pulire
  • Matt and Heather Weins
Thanks again!
Betty and Joe DiPasquale
As you can see, I also got 5 referrals. One of them is already a customer and I’ll call Betty for the others’ addresses and phone numbers.This testimonial gets me pumped up! This is why I market so aggressively. I do it for my future customers in my dry cleaning business.

3 Responses to “In Your Dry Cleaning Business Who Do You Market To?”

  1. Kent Wales Says:

    Greg! Thanks for making this post! Awesome. This is so true; I have to remember that the one complainer is not using my service anyway. So why do I think about them when the bags are going out on Friday.

    This was a great reminder for me. Market to the people that love my service or will love it in the future. Send them thank you notes for their business. Don’t just try to quell the complainers.

    Thanks again Greg.
    Kent Wales

  2. Greg Says:

    Kent–I’m glad you agree with me. When you’d been at this direct response marketing thing as long as I have (33 businesses and counting), you start to realize that you won’t make everybody happy. The ONLY people you should be concerned about making happy are your customers–and your future customers. Thanks for the comment.

  3. RAFAEL Says:

    Love all the ideas that you always giving me and that i needed so much.Is a lot about marketing that i need to learn ,but i’m ready!

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