If You Don’t Jump On The Technology Train, You’re Dry Cleaning Business Is Going To Be Left In The Dust!

Sun, Aug 18, 2013

Dry Cleaning Marketing

So what can you do to get up to speed in this new, bright, business world of technology?smartphone

The first thing that you must do is embrace it. Don’t scoff at it. Don’t curse it. Don’t blame it. Just convince yourself of this exciting new era of technology and jump on the bandwagon and start to make it happen.

Seven years ago, I didn’t know squat about this technology. I tried to read about it and it all seemed like a foreign language to me. What’s a blog? How do I send a text? How do I download that file? How do I send an attachment? What’s a hyperlink (took my 20 year old daughter to show me how do this one)? What’s SEO and what does it have to do with my website? What’s a link and how can it help my website rank on the first page of Google? What’s PPC? What’s Wi-Fi (believe it or not)? How do I turn a word document into a PDF file? What’s a JPG, TIF, PNG? What’s a keyword? And a bunch more!

If you don’t know what most of these are, you’ve got to get rolling now. If you know some or most of these…congratulations. I’m going to share with you a few technology ideas you can put to work in your dry cleaning business. First of all, you’ve got to try some technology devices and ideas out.

Do you have an iPhone or an Android device? If you don’t, get one. You’ll learn a ton of stuff just by having and using a smartphone. If you don’t have one, I’d suggest an iPhone. Why? It’s simple. I like simple. With your iPhone, you can take pictures and video’s for your website and blog. You can update your Facebook Fan page on the go. You can check out your mobile ready website and make sure it’s working properly. You can answer your customers and prospects email questions while your waiting at the dentist. That little phone is very powerful and can do almost as much as your computer.

I even have an app (hopefully you know what an app is. If not, as a teenager) that lets me get into my computer in the plant. I can stay on top of what’s going on with my sales and receivables. I even have an app that lets me see what’s going on in my office. I call it my office cam. I just open up my app to watch to see what’s happening.

You should be collecting your customer’s emails and mobile numbers (not their home numbers). I’m sure you know what to do with their emails. Let me tell you what I do. When I write a blog post, I email them and let them know I did. I send out an email about once a week. I have it set up six months ahead of time. You know what your specials are going to be and when, so you can set it up 6 months to a year ahead of time too. I send out cleaning tips for both clothing and their home. I promote my house cleaning business (if I’m shot on clients) and my Rug Doctor, rug cleaning and carpet cleaning services. I wish them well around all the holidays and run a promotion with the holiday theme. I use text messages for promotions and to remind my route customers weekly for their pickups. If you’re NOT collecting emails and mobile numbers, you’re way behind the curve. You gotta do this. This is basic best practices! This is a given.

Does your dry cleaner have it’s own app? What do you need an app for? Some dry cleaners have an app to tell their customers when they’re dry cleaning is ready. I use my app market to my customers. Yes, I tell them when their order is ready, but the real reason to have an app is to sell more of what you’re selling. You want to maximize your sales per customers and an app is a great way to do that. Go to Google Play or the Apple App store and search for dry cleaners and see what they’re using them for. I even have an app that tells me when my drivers get gas and how much their spending. Another app tracks them all day long, so if I suspect their goofing off, I can find out for sure.

I can’t cover all the things you could possibly do with technology with your dry cleaning business in this article. These are just a few. I hope I’ve opened your eyes to all the possibilities. Please embrace this exciting brand new world of technology and make it work for you in your business.

Go back to the second paragraph and learn how to do all of those things. Get your kid or one of your younger employees to show you how if you can’t figure it out by yourself or you don’t know what I’m talking about. Just dig into it and it’ll all start to make sense soon. Leave me your thoughts below. Oh, I forgot. We can do all this for you, even an app. Just let me know below if you’d like some help.

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2 Responses to “If You Don’t Jump On The Technology Train, You’re Dry Cleaning Business Is Going To Be Left In The Dust!”

  1. JOHN Says:

    more info on app ? cost etc:

  2. Greg Says:

    Hey John – It’s going to be in the range of $2000-$2500 with a monthly charge so that you can update your app whenever you want. And you’ll be able to send push notifications whenever you choose. If you were to get this done on your own, you’d spend 2-5 times that. We’ve invested the money to develop all the parts of the app. You won’t have those costs. I’ll let you know when it’s available. Thanks. Greg

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