I Was Rejected!

Tue, Jun 21, 2011

Dry Cleaning Marketing

I was recently rejected by the golf company FootJoy. It’s been a while since I was rejected. I’ve been on a roll with only success. I used to be rejected everyday. Well, this brought me back to my roots and I’m getting back to basics. This was not a good feeling, but a needed feeling since it hasn’t happened to me in a while.

Watch this video to get the whole story.

Tell me about your recent rejections in the comments below. Good to talk to you.

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  1. Dusty Roberts Says:

    Great video blog Greg, I always love to read and watch your vids.

    OK, so my story of rejection happened about 10 years ago and resulted in a huge shift in my business.

    Here goes. @ 10 years ago I finally was fed up with running an in-home carpet cleaning company with a bunch of techs who never seemed to care about doing the job right, and myself the manager and owner constantly running around fixing up their muck ups.. so I have this light that goes off in my head.. how about if I start up an “in-studio” area rug cleaning service where all the rugs are cleaned under my supervision!

    So I rent myself a small warehouse, hang up a shingle (sign) announcing to the world that I am I am in business to clean loose area rugs and TaaDah,, NO BODY COMES, I mean seriously I advertized like a mad man and I had NO CLIENTS,, the only little bit of business I could get was from a few of my carpet cleaning clients that wanted their loose rugs taken away to be cleaned.

    So I here about this guy down in Texas that was putting on a seminar and what intriqued me what he had built his WHOLE carpet cleaning business on developing referall sources,, and now had a multiple truck in-home carpet cleaning service. I knew I could learn from someone like this so I made the trip and learned everything I could about how to build a referral source business.

    Now once I got back home I put what I learned into action right away and quickly identified WHO the referral sources in my town could be, and on top of the list was oriental rug galleries.

    So here I am with my list of galleries,, walking in and announcing to the gallery owners that I was not gods gift to cleaner rugs,, of coarse they all showed me the door immediatly. (I still had not learned that potential referral sources don’t care about my business, just their own)

    Anyhow, I did get lucky, one of the gallery owners did not throw me out, but said if I would clean a dirty rug for him and if he was impressed he would recommend my service to everyone of his clients.. so I jumped at the chanc as I knew I could knock his socks off.

    So I take this nice wool rug back to my warehouse and proceeded to clean it with all of my skill and knowledge just like it was a carpet, and it looked great. So here I am proudly carrying it back into the gallery to present it to the owner. I knew I was going to get all kinds of referral b

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