Is A Hand-Written Thank You Note A Dinosaur?

Tue, Apr 27, 2010

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This hand-written thank you note is what Francis Forte, a member of the Colosi Group uses.

The “hand-written” thank you note is a dinosaur. Practically nobody uses it any more. With cell phones, iPhone’s, Blackberries and the Internet, most of our communication is instant. Sometimes things work better if they are done the old fashion way. The handwritten thank you note is one of them. When is the last time you received a handwritten thank you note? I’m sure it’s been a while.

Do you remember how you felt the last time you received one? I’m sure you felt great. You realized that the person took some of their personal time to write the note, address it and then mail it out. And then it showed up in your mailbox written out in long hand. I know you opened it first. Why did you? Because it’s the only letter you received that day (or that year) that was hand addressed. And after you read the note it sent a good feeling through you knowing that the person who wrote it took some extra time in their busy schedule to do it.

What does it take to write a personal handwritten thank you note? Not much. Once you have the materials and the routine, its only takes a couple of minutes. How will it stack up with your competition? Yours is the winner!

Chris McVicker is one of my long time customers. He told me once that my hand written thank you note was the first one he’s gotten in over 2 years. He liked it and started using my service.

As you can see, the handwritten thank you note is worth more that it’s weight in gold. Forget the Internet and that less personal stuff and stick to the old fashion way of saying thank you. Use it and watch yourself get more business than you ever thought.

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