Everyone Who Got Where He Is Had To Begin Where He Was. – Robert Louis Stevenson

Fri, Aug 19, 2011

Dry Cleaning Marketing

This is inspiration Friday. I’m going to start inspiring you on Fridays to challenge you to reach further than you ever have with your dry cleaning business. And what I’m going to do is pick an inspiring quote and write about it. How does that sound? And I’d love your comments.


I’m sure you’ve heard someone say (or you’ve said it yourself–but hopefully not), “Oh that easy for that guy, he makes a ton of money and that’s why he can do that with his business.”

Guess what, that guy started with nothing. That guy didn’t have the cash when he started. That guy might of had the cash for this business, but he started with another business or saved the cash to get things going. So stop using that excuse!

The only place you can start is where you are. Take full inventory and find out what hidden assets and talents you have that you could use to get you to where you want to go. When I started in the dry cleaning pick-up and delivery business, I had no money. Just got divorced and I was not in a good place. The only talent I had was that I could sell. I bought some blank garment bags for about $50 and made up a simple two page brochure on my computer. So I only had my sales talent and a $50 investment to start my delivery business.

Today it nets six figures and I only spend–and I’m embarrassed to say–1 hour per week at it. I’ve got everything on autopilot. I don’t own a plant, so I don’t have to worry about that. I have 2 drivers and two other part timers. I have a bag drop going every week. My websites bring in customers every week. My referral programs brings in customers. My new mover mailings bring in route customers to. This is all done automatically.

I’m only one example of this being done in business. You can find examples of business success all over the place if you seek it out. So, no matter where you are, you can have it all. I challenge you. And here is how I look at it. There is always someone somewhere that started with a lot less than I had and had many more challenges and they made it. That always motivates me to get off my ass and get doing.

So stop whining and make it happen!

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