Do You Tie Your Dry Cleaning Promotions To Events?

Thu, Dec 3, 2009

Dry Cleaning Marketing

Did you know that January 15th is “National Hat Day?”

I didn’t until I put together a list of events throughout the whole year and started tying my specials and promotions to them. So what kind of special do I offer on “National Hat Day?” I will clean any of your golf, baseball, winter, summer or any kinds of hat for 20% off.  And I also tell them they can throw in a sweater or a coat that they wear with the hat.  And I also make fun and tell them it doesn’t matter if the hat matches the coat and that the fashion police won’t be checking your hat/coat combo!

So what happens? I get lots of sweaters and coats and a bunch of hats that they might of never dry cleaned unless they saw my promotion. As dry cleaner’s, we’ve got to be clever, creative and fun in all the promotions we do.

You can’t sit on your duff anymore and watch the new customers come rolling in. You have to go out and get them. So put on your dry cleaning marketing hat and get to work on your promotions and specials. If you run a dry cleaning franchise or a mobile dry cleaning business, this idea will work for you too.

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