Dry Cleaning Postcards

Do Dry Cleaning Postcards Work?

Yes and No!

They work if you set them up right and you mail them to the right lists.

My members and I mail dry cleaning postcards within our routes. We use them to fill in after we’ve done a bag drop. Those prospects might have a neighbor that uses your service or they see your van roaming around in their neighborhood.

Now here’s the hard part: You’ve got to design your dry cleaning postcard to get your prospect to respond.  How do you do that?

First of all, you’ve got to have a headline that gets their attention. Something like: $10 In FREE Dry Cleaning Just To Try Out My Service!

And then you’ve got to explain the highlights of your pick-up and delivery service. And then you’ve got to have a deadline and then a call to action. You’ve got to tell them that the promotion ends on such-and-such a date and that they must call [your phone] or go to your website and sign up right now.

And one more thing–a testimonial. Get permission from one of your customers in the area to use their name on your dry cleaning postcards.

If you put all those things together, you WILL have successful dry cleaning postcards promotions.

Very Important: Start with 100 dry cleaning postcards. Don’t start with 1.000. Test with 100 first and see if it works. If it does, then roll it out to the masses.

To your successful dry cleaning postcards promotions.

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  1. Mark Denton Says:

    Thanks for writing this. I’ve been a mortgage broker for last 20 years and needed a break. My wife is Korean, has a great alteration business and an opportunity came up for us to purchase an agency in a great location. She has lots of friends in this business, and knows how to operate. Im the marketing guy. This is second month. I’ve got 3 customers on delivery route (no van yet, but i think they probably get a kick out of me delivering in the infinity fx.lol). I’ve ordered some promotional stuff, but now I realize I wish I had read this first. Love the lumpy envelope and will try the sales letter. Thanks, Mark Denton

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