Dry Cleaning Marketing Success Is A Recipe

Thu, Dec 24, 2009


If you’ve got the right recipe, you’ll be successful. Listen to this short video before you read the rest of this post.

Bag drops, door hangers, door knocking, TV and radio advertising and direct mail are all delivery methods. How and what you do within those delivery methods will determine your success or failure with them.

Lots of dry cleaning companies do bag drops. David Whitehurst dropped 6,000 bags the year before he joined my group. David got only 60 customers from that marketing effort and it cost him over $200 in lost bag costs to get each customer. He was doing a bag drop, but he didn’t have the right recipe.  I did the same thing when I was trying to figure out this bag drop thing, but I only dropped 100 bags and waited for the results. If the results were not what I wanted, I tried something else.

I tried 17 different versions of my bag drop before I got it to work. As a dry cleaning business owner, I kept on going until I found the answer.  I took from what I learned in all my years of direct response advertising and tried it with these bag drops.

By the way, in David’s first full year with me, he got over 500 route customers and it only cost him $20 in lost bag costs (verses the $200 it used to cost him) per new start.  He still did bag drops, but this time he had the right recipe.

So, instead of saying that postcards don’t work or bag drops don’t work, you should be looking at what you’re doing within those delivery methods to make it work.

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