Dry Cleaning Ideas That Work!

Fri, Feb 12, 2010


Here are 4 marketing ideas that will help you get route customers and/or increase their revenue:

Dry Cleaning Idea #1: Start A Newsletter

You’ve got to stay in touch with your customers and by staying in touch, you’ll get referrals. But you can’t just write a newsletter and hope to get referrals, you’ve got to prompt it. How do you do that? In your newsletter ask for referrals and reward your customers for giving them to you. I give $20 for every customers that is referred. I sent the referee a nice letter thanking them for referring “Mr. & Mrs. Jones.”  Attach your newsletter to all your deliveries, your outgoing dry cleaning in your plant and enclose it in your statements. You won’t have any mailing costs. The only cost will be to print your newsletter and that’s not too much. Your newsletter will help you keep the customers you have and get you new ones. If you don’t want to write the newsletter yourself, email me and I’ll tell you about ours that is already written and ready to go after you insert your dry cleaners information.

Dry Cleaning Idea #2: Remind Your Route Customers You Are Coming

Do you call all your route customers the night before to remind them that you’re showing up the next day? If you are not, you’re loosing customers and you’re loosing 20% of your revenue.  I get this call quite often from a new member: “Greg, I started the reminder calls (after you kept badgering me) and my revenue went up 20%+.”  Just got a call from Marc in Long Island the other day. He went on to tell me that he should of started this when he joined the Colosi Group a year ago.  Well, better late than never. Go to http://voiceshot.com/ and get signed up. Get over disturbing them during dinner or offending them by your call. If you do it right, they’ll welcome your call. Here is what my members and myself do: We call the night before around 7pm and remind them of their pick-up the next morning and then “and here’s the quote of the day.” This works like a charm! I meet customers out and they tell me how they save the quote on their answering machine and get all the kids around and play it. Wow! The first time I heard that I was dumbfounded. Go to my “quote of the day” site and you’ll get all the quotes you’ll need: http://famouslifequotes.org/ Don’t hestitate, get this very simple idea to get going immediately.

Dry Cleaning Idea #3: Get Listed On Google Local–it’s FREE!

If you’re not listed on Google Local, you better do it right away. If you already are, you still need to read the rest of this. You’re in the route business, right? You’ve got a plant in one part of town, but you service lots of other towns and suburbs in your area right?  But with your Google Local listing, you’re only listed in the area where your plant is. But you need presence in all the towns and suburbs where you service–so what do you do? Here’s the solution: get one of your customers to agree to use their home address as one of your virtual offices. With a virtual office in that town, you can now list your delivery business there. BUT make sure in your listing you make it very clear, that you are pick-up and delivery ONLY!  Just got a call from a suburb no where near my main office and they signed up.  Kris Anderson, one of my members, has 24 listings in his area. He gets anywhere from 5-10 customers per weeks from the FREE Google Listings.

Dry Cleaning Idea #4: Join Forces With A Local Business

Do you have a pizza parlor or a fitness center close by? Pizza shops are great to work with because their radius of customers are about 5 miles, probably the same as your route. I just did a deal with Leonardo’s Pizza in one of my suburbs.  Here is what I worked out: I’m giving him a bunch of pads of post-it notes with my dry cleaning offer on it. He’s going to stick them to all the boxes of pizza that go out every day. I’m going to write about him in my newsletter and email my customers about him once a month.  You’re thinking, an email dedicated to this pizza joint…I don’t think so. Not the whole email, just a mention of the pizza place during one of my emails–something like this: “Leonardo’s has such great pizza, you should try out them out. And Mike is such a nice guy and a great pizza maker.”  The gym can include your offer in their “New Member Kit”. Think outside of the pizza box with these dry cleaning ideas and get some route customers.

Get off your ass, and get just get one of these dry cleaning ideas set up. Just one! You are NOT in the dry cleaning business, you’re in the business of marketing your dry cleaning business. If you don’t have a constant flow of new customers, you’ll be out of business in no time. Getting new customers is the your #1 Critical Success Factor.

Stop farting around in your van and in your plant and go get some route customers.

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  1. Toniesha Friday Says:

    Can you please send me your newsletter template?

  2. Frank Purcell Says:

    Hi Greg,

    I’m interested in your cookie-cutter
    news letter.

  3. Greg Says:

    Hey Frank–call 888-661-7992. Thanks. Greg

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