Get Your Dry Cleaning Customers Eating Out Of Your Hands Too!

Tue, Mar 9, 2010

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Get your dry cleaning business customers eating out of your hands too–how?

Most dry cleaners underestimate the value of their customer base. How do I know that? Because you only sell them dry cleaning and nothing else.

Once you have a customer that loves and trusts you, you can sell them most anything.

I have a house cleaning business too. About a year ago when the recession hit, we lost 9 house cleaning customers.

What did I do? I sent out an email (assuming that you have their emails and I hope you do and if you don’t, you better get them because you’re in a new marketing world and without emails you’re living in the marketing dark ages) telling my dry cleaning business customer base that we had some house cleaning openings.

What happened?

We filled every single last spot and had a list of 3 waiting within two weeks. How did  I do that? It was nothing more than asking for it!

Don’t be afraid to sell other services to your dry cleaning business customer base. How about in-home drape cleaning? How about carpet cleaning? How about house painting? But Greg, I’m not in the drapery cleaning, carpet cleaning or house painting business.

You can always broker someone else and take a piece of the action. You’ve got a dry cleaning business customer base that listens to your every command. Take advantage of that!

Start thinking of your dry cleaning business as a marketing organization and not just a dry cleaning business. When you start doing that, doors will open up to you that you never thought were possible.


6 Responses to “Get Your Dry Cleaning Customers Eating Out Of Your Hands Too!”

  1. Tim Bolin Says:

    Excellent advice. I had thought of what you said but not to the extent you took it to. Myself and my family are starting a dry cleaners, our grand opening will be end of April or first of May. I intend to purchase your system sometime before our opening for my son who is going to run a route. Thanks again.


  2. Greg Says:

    Tim–he most important success factor in your new dry cleaning business is getting customers. Don’t be fooled by anything else. Now, this is assuming that your quality is good and you follow through with your customer service. But remember this: WITHOUT A CONSTANT FLOW OF NEW CUSTOMERS, YOU WILL GO OUT OF BUSINESS!! Thanks. Greg Colosi

  3. Ana Hoffman Says:

    Wow, Greg – I am incredibly impressed with your marketing abilities and your vision.

    You truly made a dry cleaning business into something spectacular!


    PS thanks for visiting my YourNetBiz Attraction Marketing Cafe blog!

  4. Greg Says:

    Thanks Ana.

  5. Dusty Roberts Says:

    Greg, I always enjoy your blogs and learn from them. I teach ppl how to market their area rug cleaning business’s better and how to develop more profit centers like you speak of here. Keep up the good work.

  6. Greg Says:

    What is ppl?

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