Dry Cleaning Business: Two Ways To Break Into Biz Office Route Delivery

There are two ways to approach “business offices” to get their employee’s as your route customers for your dry cleaning business.

Both work. One takes lots of recruiting, training and motivating. The other can be done by a 13 year old kid or your grandmother. One you have to re-train constantly. The other is a system that keeps on working no matter what. It never calls in sick, it always motivated and it very rarely asks for a raise in pay.

Which one do you want to learn? I can teach you both.

The tougher of the two that takes all the recruiting, training and motivating is going face-to-face in all the offices in your area. It’s a valid and proven way to get route customers. If you’re the one doing it and it works, by all means keep doing it. If you’ve tried to recruit, train and motivate someone to do it, you know it’s very tough.  If you’d succeeded in keeping someone trained and motivated to call on businesses, you can add the “simple and easy” way to what is working too.

I would never tell you to abandon something that is working–NEVER! If you’re real good at knocking on doors and you can train others to do it, you’ve got a leg up on all the other dry cleaning businesses out there.

The simple system that a “13-year-old” can operate is the “3-Step” Lumpy Mailing Program.

Do you know what lumpy mail is?

It’s something that you put in your mailer than makes it a little lumpy. It’s designed to create curiosity in the person receiving it. It makes them want to open it up immediately. The most critical factor in B2B mailings is getting it opened. And the other thing you do, it to hand-write in blue ink the address on a plan white envelope with NO logo. Do NOT use your dry cleaning business envelope. Use a plain white envelope.

Go here to find out how to structure a dry cleaning business sales letter .

Send a series of three letters. You should get 3-4 businesses to call you and ask you to bring over some of your garment bags. And on your garment bags, you should attach a letter that explains your delivery service and a very user friendly order form. Don’ t forget to capture their credit card info. You don’ t want to bill them, it’s a pain in the neck.

That’s it. It sound very simple. It is once you put it together. And once it’s rolling, you’ve got a system that never calls in sick, never complains, never wants to borrow money, never gets drunk–and is always ready to work for you! My members have had great success with the “Biz Route” System in their dry cleaning business.

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