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Fri, Feb 18, 2011

Dry Cleaning Marketing

The book is only $19.95! Click here to get me to the order page!

Or get it on the Kindle for only $9.99: How to Get Route Customers WITHOUT Knocking on Doors

17 Responses to “Dry Cleaning Book”

  1. Irv Markus Says:

    Greg: I have been getting your e-mails for a long time and last week I finally decided to get off my but and get some route customers. Then I went into the hospital and just got out yesterday so I am ordering your book. If I can get any of the free bonuses you offered I would appreciate that, if not that’s OK too. Thanks for your persistence.


  2. Greg Says:

    Got your book order. Don’t know what bonuses you’re talking about. If they come with purchasing my system, sorry, you’ll have to get the system to get the bonuses. Let me know how you make out in the hospital.

  3. tariq Says:

    i want to buy the rout book, i am from pakistan, what does it cost,first sent me first complimentary,thanks


    I want to buy this book but the available means is by westrn union. could you avail me with the transfer details.


  5. Keith Says:

    i don’t have a problem with getting your book but what system are you talking about is that seperate too.

  6. Greg Says:


    You’ll find out the information you need on our system at this link:



  7. Solacole Says:

    How do I buy your book, Amazon account is not available in Nigeria.

  8. Bex James Says:

    Hi Greg,

    I have been recieving your emails since January this year and find them very useful, some real thought provoking and idea generating stuff in there! Now reading through the book also. I would like to know if you have sold your system here in the UK, and if so, how success do you believe it is to the British market?
    Kind regards

  9. Greg Says:

    Bex–I have a number of members in the UK. In my advertising, I use what is called, “emotional direct response marketing.” It works in the UK, Mexico, Australia, Canada and of course in the USA where I am. In Mexico, my member translated our advertising pieces into Spanish and it worked like a charm. People are people and this stuff works anywhere. Hope you come aboard Bex!

  10. stephen staffieri Says:

    Hi – Do you need to own a dry-cleaning plant for your Ideas to work? Want to start routes and bring cleaning to a plant to do my work.. Would like to market to offices in my area???

  11. Greg Says:

    No you don’t Stephen. I don’t own a plant. I have about 25 members that don’t own a plant. I have some members that started out with just the route and bought a plant down the road–which I think is the way to go if you want a plant. Call me at 888-661-7992 if you’d like to discuss this. Thanks. Greg

  12. stephen staffieri Says:

    Ok Greg I will call you… I owned a plant in the past for about 5 years.. Would really like to get a route going as I am pressing now making very little money.. But lots of competition with routes in the Boston area… Some big hitters are all over the place… So not sure if they beat me to the punch…

  13. GOULYET Says:

    I tried to buy this book but I was never able to fill this form don’t know why ?
    it keeps asking for address or address not correct ..

    how can I buy this book?

  14. Greg Says:

    Call 888-661-7992. Thanks.

  15. Arshad Says:

    Hi Greg,
    Just landed on your website. Impressive stuff, really helpful for laundry & dry cleaning owners & staff.
    I am in KSA, recently entered in this business by launching Laundry portal http://www.washxpert.com to connect customers with laundries.
    Hope i will learn a lot from your experience.

    Do you have update edition of your book?

  16. Titus Osikoya Says:

    Hi Greg,

    I really do enjoy reading your mails.

    I tried busying the book from here Lagos Nigeria but it is impossible through your infusionsoft.com. is there another way like Amazon?

    I look forward to real collaboration with you in the future.

    Thank you

  17. Greg Says:

    Yes. You can buy it on Amazon!!

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