Google Places: How To Get 16 Postive Reviews

Tue, Apr 5, 2011

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This post was written by member David Whitehurst. It talks about how to get positive reviews with Google, Yelp, and the other review sites. Take his advice and get some reviews fast.

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I mailed my monthly newsletter last Saturday with a request for customers to review my business on Google, Yelp and Angie’s List. As of Tuesday morning, I have gotten 16 favorable reviews spread between my 3 location listed in Google Places. Just Google “Champion Cleaners Birmingham Alabama” and take a look.

Getting reviews is something that should be important to everyone. It can have a positive impact on your business. When you ask your customers give you a review, I believe most often it will be a positive review. If you wait until you have a problem customer and that customer is trying to punish you for whatever she perceives you did to her, there is no doubt it will be a negative review.

I offered to give $5.00 in free cleaning to anyone who gave me a review. Just belfoe my newsletter went out, I had second thoughts about whether this was an ethical thing to do…giving free cleaning for a review. But I wrote that in my April newsletter on about March 15 and it was already being printed before my ethics kicked in. So it went out and now with the reviews coming in, I have reviewed those customers giving me the reviews. At least half are very new customers wanting the free cleaning, I assume.

The new customers writing the reviews are now…sort of…committed to me. And they have $5.00 in free cleaning. And the best thing yet is there is no cost to doing this…other than a little time.

I’ve concluded that this is not such a bad way to:

1. Get positive customer reviews
2. Have a personal connection with a customer
3. Encourage that customer to return to my business
4. Give a “treat” to a customer who reads my newsletter…so they will likely read it again
5. Encourage the readers of the newsletter to contact me if they have a problem with their cleaning or service.

Here is the paragraph I included on the first page of my 4 page newsletter:

Could You Do Us a Big Favor…And Get $5.00 For Your Efforts?

Would you go to Google and search for Champion Cleaners here in Birmingham and give us a rating in Google Places? It would mean a lot to help us build our on line reputation.

Are you a member of Angie’s List? You could rate us there as well.

We’re also active on Yelp so if you use Yelp, give us rating there, too.

Naturally, I’m hoping for good ratings. If you have something bad to say, call me at 902-1093 and let’s talk about it

I’ll give anyone $5.00 in free dry cleaning for helping us build our on-line reputation (no matter what you say) with any and all of these ratings. Just shoot me an e-mail at and let me know you have rated us…and I will credit your account as a “thank you.”

One last comment about Customer Reviews. Don’t stop trying to get positive reviews. A review on Google Places that is 3 years old does not do much good…especially if you have negative reviews coming in since then. This process needs to be on-going. There is a “recency” bias with reviews. I’ve even read that a review older than 1 year has only a small benefit. I hope the same is true for negative reviews…but if you pile a number of positive reviews on top of an old negative reviews, you will dilute the caustic effect of the negative review.

Be proactive and get those reviews!

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