How To Use Dry Cleaners Coupons In Your Dry Cleaning Business So That You Don’t Canablize It!

Tue, Jul 20, 2010

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I don’t like (I actually hate) using dry cleaners coupons–do you?

I don’t use them in my delivery business EXCEPT for getting customers. After my new customer uses their first coupon, they never, ever, see one again. Why? I don’t think price (as long as you’re not way out of the park) and coupons are what delivery customers are looking for. I think they are first looking for convenience and then quality. After that, I don’t think they care much about anything else.  This is assuming that you pick-up and deliver when you say you are.

I tried all kinds of dry cleaning coupon offers to get new route customers. I’ve tested percentage offers. I’ve tested, “tell me how much you spend in a month and I’ll give you that amount FREE to try my service” offers. I’ve tried $50 in FREE dry cleaning, $40 in FREE dry cleaning, $30 in FREE dry cleaning, just recently tried $20 in FREE dry cleaning and I’ve tried $10 in FREE dry cleaning offers.

Guess what works best? You’re never gonna believe it. Guess now?  Are you ready?

Believe it or not (and it’s not what I thought), the $10 FREE dry cleaning coupon offer works the best.

When I spent 18 months (four years ago) testing 17 different headlines and 7 different offers. Once I got it down to the headline that worked best, I started testing offers (or dry cleaning coupons) to see which one worked the best.

I started with the percentage offers and they bombed.

I then did the “how much do you spend in a month, I’ll give it to you FREE” offer and that bombed.

I then started with the $50 in FREE dry cleaning coupon offer. It worked OK, but I got lots of mooches. Gotta keep the mooches away, so I tested the $40 dry cleaning coupon offer next. Didn’t do much better than the $50 offer and still got lots of mooches.

I then jumped down to the $10 FREE dry cleaning offer and the new sign ups went through the roof! Why? I don’t know. Here is what I suspect: the other offers sounded too good to be true, and when it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

And these FREE dollar offers were all with no strings attached. I didn’t say that you had to spend $20 to get the $10 off. You can’t do that. It’s too constricting. You want your offers to be as easy as possible so that it’s effortless for your new customers to sign up.

What happen to the mooch factor?

It went way down. I guess the mooches wanted more and I wasn’t giving it to them.

So how do you use this $10 FREE dry cleaning coupon offer?

First and foremost, my members use it in their bag drops. And then they use it in their postcard mailings, new mover mailings, referral programs and their ads. They use it in everything. The $10 FREE dry cleaning coupon offer works across the board.

And here’s a little trick, we don’t call them dry cleaning coupons, we call them gift certificates.  Dry cleaning coupons sound like you’ll always be using them, gift certificates sound like one time offers.

If you start couponing them right off the bat, that is what they will always expect and they won’t do business with you again until you coupon them again. Is that what you want? I don’t think so.

In the route business, price is NOT important–convenience, service and quality are!

I hope this helped. Leave me your comments below.

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6 Responses to “How To Use Dry Cleaners Coupons In Your Dry Cleaning Business So That You Don’t Canablize It!”

  1. sally Says:

    Hello, my question is: you are giving your customers 10$ free gift certificate, but what if the customer uses it and never comes back again. And multiply this by -let’s say- 40, so will you be doing 400$ worth of business for free? If I understood well, you give 10$ free coupon to lure new customers and assuming you are keeping them. And if a customer uses this coupon in every visit?
    Thanks for the reply.

  2. Louise Hladik Says:

    I would have never thought of this….I am interested in how many customers were retained.

  3. Greg Says:

    I retain just over 90%. I have members that retain higher than that. But, there’s a little more to the story. After they become a customer, they get a welcome letter, welcome email, welcome kit, and they’re emailed 4-6 time a month. They also get a monthly newsletter. And you ALWAYS get their credit cards. We have systems for all of this.

  4. Greg Says:

    If you do it right, you’ll keep over 90% of your new customers. You have to have some kind of an offer to get customers in the door. You can’t just sit there hoping that they’ll walk in your store or join your route. And of the $10 in FREE dry cleaning, it’s only costing you $5. You always get their credit card and you follow up with a welcome letter and email, welcome kit, 4-6 emails every month and a newsletter. All of these are part of my system. Thanks for your question.

  5. Alex Says:

    Greg, do you have any examples of postcards with the $10 offer?
    Thank you,

  6. Greg Says:

    Sorry Alex, those are saved for my members.

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