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Sun, Sep 26, 2010

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Kris Anderson, Greener Cleaner, Sydney, Australia

One of my member’s, Kris Anderson of Greener Dry Cleaner in Sydney, Australia, sent me a story of how he purchased a dry cleaner with NO money down and how he made $115,000 within a year.

Owning your own dry cleaner is the only way to go. Mostly for the simple reason you get to keep the 10% to 20% profit the dry cleaner makes from the work you bring in. This can take your profit margin from 10% to a new leave of 30%. With this kind of margin you can really kick some ass.

You may have read that I cut all kinds of deals to buy businesses, but my all time favourite way of buying a dry cleaner is the “pay later” or “no money up front” deals.

You’ll love this storey it’s a cracker:

Every time tradies (tradesmen) or sales reps visit my shop I always ask them the same questions “What’s happening with the other dry cleaners?”.  About 4 years ago a rep told me – The owner of a nearby cleaner died and the business closed down. The sales rep gave me the phone number of the daughter who now owns the building and all the equipment. I made a deal with her to lease me the shop for 5 years at $700 a week and buy/pay for the equipment 12 months later for $65,000 on valuation of auctioneers. The shop was very big so I made sure that on the lease the permitted usage was as open to many uses as possible.

All the equipment was still working and I really just had to pay the rent ever week and started trading. It made money day one. A month later I sub-rented ¼ of the shop to a lawyer for $275 a week. Two months later I rented the rest of the shop to a dry cleaner who wanted to run his own business but didn’t have the money to buy a dry cleaner. So I sub-rented the other ¾ of the shop with equipment rental to him for $1,750 a week.  I also gave him the opportunity (lease to buy contract) to buy the business for a set price in 8 months for $180,000.

So after 3 months I sub-leased the whole building for $1,200 net clear a week in my pocket. 8 months later the dry cleaner borrowed $180,000 from the lawyer next door to pay me for the dry cleaning business that he built and I paid the owner $65,000 for the equipment she let me have one year for free, netting $115,000 profit.

All I can say is always try to do deals were you do not have to pay up front.

How did I come up to the sales price of $180k? It was around three times $65K of equipment.

How did I come up with $1,750 per week shop & equipment rental? – don’t know, it just sounded good.

Use your imagination like Kris did and you to can purchase your competitors. And now is a great time, because dry cleaners are dropping like flies!

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