Don’t Be Boring In Your Dry Cleaning Business!

Wed, Jan 16, 2013

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Do you like boring? I don’t either. Get the boring out of your dry cleaning business NOW!

Think about the businesses that make you excited to do business with them? They put you in a buying mood, don’t they? What can you do to your dry cleaning business to make it exciting and entertaining? What kinds of marketing and customer service ideas can you put into place that will get people to want to do business with you?

Consumers like exciting. They like to be entertained. They like what you like. They like to see you get a little wild and crazy. It’s makes them laugh and feel good. We all have so many serious things going on in our lives that we need to take a break once and a while. Why don’t you give them that break from their everyday (sort of boring) routines. You want them to smile when they think of your business.

About a year ago, the new “tubeless” toilet paper came out. I took my iPhone and filmed it when it got down to the last few tissues and showed what happened with no tube. I made some funny comments and then I did a little survey. I asked if they were an “over or under” person. I got some wild comments from my customers telling me I was funny and this was great. Most of the comments came replying to my email, but I got a bunch in my blog comments. Go see the video and comments here:

The Camerino’s having fun!

If you think something is interesting or funny, your customers will think so to. I’ve got a member that has this entertaining stuff down pat. John Camerino is always coming up with something for his customers. This picture with his family is the one he uses in all of his advertising.

The Camerino’s Holiday card.

Down below is the picture he used this year for his holiday card. John’s smart. He knows that getting his family involved will get to the hearts of those that have families, which is most of us. He’s letting his customers and prospects know that he is just like them—that he has the same dreams and challenges that they do. John is in a very competitive market in CA and he’s doing great with this kind of advertising.

David Whitehurst is using his dog champ in his newsletter. Champ dishes out positive and inspirational advice each month to David’s customers. He tells me that his customers come in all the time asking how Champ is doing. Do you have a dog or a cat? You could use them in your promotions. Maybe you’ve got a duck or a squirrel that hangs around your house or plant. Use them!

Do you have more than one generation in your business? If so, use it. Take Gramps or Grammy and get her back into action. Get pictures taken in front of your store and your van. Get pictures of all of your staff and let everyone know about them. Member Kris Anderson in Australia did a little video on every one of his employee’s and posts them on his website. Your customers and prospects are just like you. They’re interested in you and your business. The more they think they know you, the more likely they’ll do business with you.

Nobody wants to do business with a faceless, corporate looking, dry cleaner. They want to do business with a friendly, exciting and entertaining one. Are you that dry cleaner? If not, get your butt into action and come up with some stunts you can pull off to get your prospects and customers more interested in you.

I’ve been called the “Nordstrom’s” of the dry cleaning industry. What are you known as? Are you boring? Do your customers even know who you are? Are there pictures of you all over your lobby? If not, this is the place you should start. Get a poster made with you as the start and say something. Welcome them. Tell them how you feel about your dry cleaner. State your guarantee. Tell them what happens if they get a broken button. Invite them to join your route. Put popcorn in your lobby. Play some music and come out dancing once in a while. You get the idea! Make your dry cleaning business fun, entertaining and interesting. Keep them guessing. And keep surprising them. I hope I didn’t scare you. If I did, you need this the most. Get to it!

Comment below and tell my how you’re un-boring your dry cleaning business. I wanna know. What do you do that is entertaining and exciting (and maybe a little crazy)?

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