Done Is Better Than Perfect

Fri, Feb 3, 2012


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I got this quote from Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of Facebook.

It’s amazing that someone so young follows this mantra. I’ve followed it myself for 30 years. It’s better to have it done than waiting to get it perfect. Why? Because perfect takes so long. And when you think it’s perfect, it’s not and you’ll end up changing it. So get it done (unperfectly) and get it out to the marketplace.

Those that wait for perfect, never get there. They waste their time in the “sphere of illusion” that there is such a thing. Nothing is perfect. There is always something that can be improved. Get it out there and fix it on the way. Your marketplace will give you the suggestions you need to make it perfect for them. Even Steve Jobs the perfectionist, started loosening up. They introduced Siri in beta. He’s never introduced something in beta.

This is what I do: I get my prospects and customers involved in making whatever I just introduced better. I tell them that it’s not perfect and I need their help getting it the best it can possibly be. Doing it this way, you engage your customers in the process of building your services and products. It’s a great way to build loyalty and getting feedback on what you’re building.

If you’re one of those “perfect” people, you better change because it’s killing you. All the anxiety and stress of getting it just right is driving you crazy and it’s not good for your health. And it’s not good for the health of your dry cleaners either.

You must realize that your unperfect is the new perfect for you. Get your new service or new product out there. Remember, “done is better than perfect.”

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