Do You Collect Your New Customer’s Emails?

Wed, Feb 2, 2011

Dry Cleaning Marketing

If you don’t get those emails, you’re throwing money down the toilet!

You worked hard to get your customers. They like you. They trust you. They want to do more business with you.

So what does email have to do with this Greg?

When I need to fill a slot in my house cleaning business, I send out an email. The first time I did this was about 2 years ago when the beginnings of the recession hit. Upon that news, we lost 4 customers immediately. I sent out an email, and within a week we signed 4 new house cleaning customers and had a waiting list of two more.

I schedule our “Rent-A-Doctor” by email. I email out our specials. I have a variety of other services that I broker like lawn services, plowing, painting, home improvement and so on. I use email to get the word out on those. It’s such a simple and dirt cheap way to make money. You’ve got the customer, why not get more business from them. They’re buying this stuff anyway. It should be you that they’re buying it from. David Whitehurst, one of my long time members sells rug cleaning through his emails and last month he made an extra $1,800.  And David just started collecting emails about 6 months ago.

That is the power of emailing.

I know. I know. “It’s hard to get emails Greg, so what should I do?”

First of all, from now on you gather their email when you sign them up for your route or over the counter. For your route, you should have it on your sign up form. All your route customers should be on credit cards, so you can tell them that you’ll be emailing out their statements.

With your counter customers, it takes a little more work to get their emails, but they’re easy to get once you have a system in place.  When you’re counter person is asking a new customer for their name, address and phone number (which is something else you want to make sure you have–we’ll cover this one in another post), they should also start asking for their email too.

The key to getting your new customer’s email is the delivery of asking for it. You must assume that you’re going to get it. You counter person should say something like this: “and your email address.”  And they should say it matter of fact. If your new customer puts up a stink, you can say: “It’s part of our commitment to going green. Instead of paper, we use email.” Most will give you their email after saying that. And if you’re not a “green” dry cleaner, you just started. It’s your beginning of green.

With current customers, you update their info when they come in and use the same scripts.

If you consistently get your customers emails, it will reap huge monetary benefits for your dry cleaner down the road. It has for me and my members and it can for you too!

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    AKINLOYE AKINYEMI KOLAWOLE Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    March 14th, 2011 at 10:50 am
    Thanks a lot Greg, i just discussed with a friend that works in a financial institution near my location to download the email address of over 26,000 customers and please send awareness test messages them which i intend to do on monthly basis .





  2. Steve Says:

    If it is NOT your own opt-in emails obtained from your own customers, it is illegal to use. You can purchase any email list, any size, but you cannot use to email people your promotions or news letter or anything in fact. Trust me I have been through this and I paid the price and it is not worth it.

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