Do Something Wacky!

Wed, Jan 19, 2011

Dry Cleaning Marketing

We had a great group coaching call yesterday and member Chuck DeBettingnies says that he’s done some outrageous things and it’s endeared his customers to his dry cleaner. What can you do that is outrageous so that your customers pick you and not your boring competitors?

This is a video that I posted on my dry cleaner’s blog. It’s wacky and entertaining? My customers are always wondering, “What will this nutcase do next!” I’m the only dry cleaner they’ve ever come across that does funny and entertaining things.

See my latest blog post video for my dry cleaning customers:

This wackiness is part of what I call, “Personality Marketing.” You don’t have a huge marketing budget, so you have to be creative. And doing wacky things like this video is creative.

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