Direct Response Advertising For The Dry Cleaning Business

Mon, Dec 14, 2009


What is direct response marketing?  It’s not an ad without your phone number or website in it, that’s for sure.

Those ads are called institutional ads and they are for large companies like Coca Cola and American Express.  You want your ad to be designed so that it will move your prospect to call your dry cleaning business or sign up on your website for your dry cleaning delivery service.

If your ad does not accomplish this, it’s useless! You heard me right. The only purpose of your advertising is to generate customers for your dry cleaning business.  All other kinds of advertising is useless.

Your direct response ad should contain the following:

  • A headline
  • Creates interest for your product or service
  • Creates desire in the prospect
  • Has a specific offer
  • Has a date to act by

Most ads in the magazines, newspapers and TV are institutional advertising.  With institutional advertising, there is no specific offer and no way to track your results.  You want to be able to track your results so that you know where your sales are coming from.  You don’t have the money and the resources to do otherwise.

Why do you think advertising agencies like institutional advertising?

Because the results can’t be tracked.  If advertising agencies had to be held accountable for bring in X number of leads, they would go out of business.  They tell you that just getting your name out there is enough.  It’s not enough.  You need a constant flow of new customers in your business every week or you’re going to go out of business.

Here is a simple way to track your ads: With you can track all your ads with a separate local or 800#.  You can even–get this–record the call to see how you or your employee does on the phone call.  You can get a local number for just $5 a month and a few cents a minute and an 800# is only $2/month. I’ll talk more about tracking your advertising later on.

The only reason you should advertise is to get more dry cleaning customers.  You should only advertise if it’s going to bring in money–PERIOD!  Don’t get caught up in the “image” thing.  The only thing your image will do for you is to help you go broke. You can’t cash in your image at the bank.  If done correctly, you can get lots of delivery customers with your direct response marketing.

Here are some rules when using direct response marketing:

Rule #1 – Never do anything that you can’t directly track results.
Rule #2 – Never run an ad a second time that didn’t work the first time.
Rule #3 – Never fall in love with your ad.

This last rule is a common mistake for people first starting out with direct marketing–they fall in love with their dry cleaning advertising.  In my consulting business, I was called in to a real estate office to see if I could get them more listings.  The new owner of the agency had these gorgeous ads made up.  They were pretty.  I asked him how they were doing.  He told me that he ran them a few times and they got no calls.  I told him why and he didn’t listen to me.  He kept running those same beautiful ads.  Six months later I ran into him and asked how things were going.  He closed his agency and went to work for another one.

Become a student of direct marketing.  Learn everything you can about it.  The more you learn about marketing for your dry cleaning business, the more money you will make.  An ad is only as good as it’s results!

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