Always Make Your Customers Feel Like The Most Important Person In The World!

It doesn’t matter if they’re your biggest or smallest customers.  The smallest one should be treated like the biggest one.  Why?  Why not?  And you never know whom that small customer knows–it could be your “hugest” customer ever!

With one of my customers--Bubba!

How can you make your customer feel important?

  • Respond to all their phone call immediately.  You should be out of breath grabbing the phone and calling them back.  Don’t make them wait.  With the days of instant communication here, you can call them back or email them immediately. I prefer calling them back. You won’t talk to your customers that much, so every opportunity you get, talk to them.  And don’t forget to thank them for all their business over the years (or over the past few months).
  • Always treat your customer with respect.  This goes without saying, but I thought I’d mention it.  Treat them like you’d treat an old friend of the family.  Never get upset with them no matter what happens.  Give them the respect you’d like in return.
  • Always help them with their problems, even if it’s something you wouldn’t do.  You might even send them to a competitor for the part of the solution that you can’t cover.  And I would even call your competitor and set it up.  Tell them what you’re doing so that your customer gets a great reception.

I take every opportunity I can to communicate or talk with my customers.  I was out doing a bag drop yesterday within my route.  I knocked on a few of my customer’s doors and introduced myself and told them how much I appreciated their business.

Never underestimate your customers.  If you treat them like they’re the only one, you’ll have more business than you can handle.

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