Can Your Prospective Customers Find You In Google Local?

Sat, Nov 21, 2009


Google Local (or Google Maps) is a great way to get customers to help you build your dry cleaning business and your routes. There is no charge for it now. I don’t know if there will be in the future, but you should take advantage of it now because your smart competitors are.  When someone searches online, this is the primary way that they will find you.  Yahoo and Bing have a local thing going, but it’s not as important as getting listed on Google Local because they have 75%+ of the market.

The first thing you must do is to go to Google’s Keyword Tool to help you find the top 4 phrases or keywords that people search when they’re looking for dry cleaning delivery or dry cleaning pick-up. You can find this tool at:

It’s pretty simple and self explanatory. Enter the keyword “dry cleaning delivery” and you’ll get the top keywords.  Now that you’ve got them, what do you do with them? In Google Local, you get to pick four other categories besides dry cleaning. Take the top 4 keywords you come up with and enter them in as your categories.  Now if someone searches “dry cleaner” or one of your other 4 keywords, your listing will come up.

Side Note: If you’re a green cleaner, you should enter “green dry cleaning delivery” in the keyword tool. By doing this, you’ll get those interested in green dry cleaning.

Depending on the amount of competition you have, you might be in the top ten.  If you’re in the top 10 after following these directions for your keywords, you don’t have hardly any competition.  If you don’t come up in the top 10, you’ve got some more work to do. And even if you’re in the top 10, I would do this too to solidify your position with your future competitors.

The next task you need to accomplish with your Google Local account is to get some reviews. How do you do that? You ask your customers to help you out. Hopefully you have all your customers emails.  If you don’t… get them. While you’re getting them, you can attach a note to their delivery and ask them to “Google” you and find Google Local or Google Maps and write a review.  You will get a bunch that will.

Another thing you can do, is to get listed on these authority sites:

Google loves authority sites. Set a goal to get listed on all of these sites in the next week or so. If you lock your office door, turn off your phones and focus, you can get your dry cleaner listed on all of these in no time.  Don’t worry about everything being perfect. Just get it done.

I hope this information helped.

To Google Local and your dry cleaning delivery business!!

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