Are You The CMO Of Your Dry Cleaning Business?

Are you the Chief Marketing Officer of your dry cleaning business?

If you’re not, who is?

You need that job filled and you’re the one who should be doing it.

You’re NOT in the dry cleaning business, you’re in the marketing of your dry cleaning business. Gone are the days when you used to open up a drop store and customers would flock to you. There are dry cleaners on every corner now. And especially is this economy, they’re not just walking in your door, you’ve got to entice them.

And figuring out how to entice them is your job. You can’t pass this job on to anyone else. It’s your responsibility! It’s not your route managers job. It’s not some college kid you hired for the summer’s job. It’s not some part-time retired advertising executive’s job. IT’S YOUR JOB!!

Getting customers in your door or van is the most important “critical success factor” in your dry cleaning business.

I know… I know…. that you’re still in the plant and they need your expertise. I know that no one else can drive the van and service the customers like you do. I know… I know.

If you want to stay the size you are and shrink, do what you’re doing. If you want to grow your business, YOU MUST CHANGE!

David Whitehurst is a member of mine. He runs Champion Cleaners in Birmingham, AL. David went from 40-60 hours in the plant in his office down to 6 hours a week. His CMO office is in his home. He gets way more marketing work done now that he’s out of the plant. It took David about a year to make this transition, but he finally did it. He gets way more work done and his plants survive without him there overseeing everything.  And on top of all of that, his customers know him better. How? Through his email, letter and newsletter communications with them.

If you’re still in the van, make a plan to get out. If you’re still going to the plant everyday, make a plan to get out.

You are the Chief Marketing Officer or CMO of your dry cleaning company!

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8 Responses to “Are You The CMO Of Your Dry Cleaning Business?”

  1. Leo Patino Says:

    Excellent suggestion.

  2. ayaz lalani Says:

    hi guys,we do direct mail, yellow pages and charity donations (gift certs) this is mainly our advertising and we are happy with our results. what we are looking for is a company that would run a more targeted marketing program for us, any ideas, regards ayaz

  3. Greg Says:

    Yes Ayaz. We do a very targeted marketing programs with bag drops, post cards, referral marketing, new movers and a few others. Call me at 888-661-7992. Thanks. Greg Colosi

  4. Louise Hladik Says:

    I am responsible for marketing my dry cleaner. We are the only co2 cleaner in Georgia. How can I market my chemical free process to attract more customers? How can I make myself stand out from other dry cleaners, we live in a small town.
    Louise Hladik

  5. Brandon Says:

    Hi Louise,

    We have used the Solvair process since 2008 and Marketed it as being truly green and truly clean. We renamed our new process Glacier Dry Cleaning to create a brand. We market “the difference” on all our advertising. We have recieved lots of PR, awards, and been actively invovled in networking groups to help spread the word of mouth. The results have been double digit sales increases in retail dc sales the last 2 years. Move fast as Tide dry cleaners is entering the Georgia market soon.

  6. Solacole Says:

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for that piece of excellence advise.

  7. Will Rye Says:

    I am the CMO for my cleaners. New to business and new to these strategies. I am using the post cards. Do you suggest mailing them to both businesses and residents?

    I assume calling on businesses isn’t the most effective way to get new business in either. Am I right on that front?

  8. Greg Says:

    Will–I’d send the postcards to homeowners. Use a testimonial from one of your customers in the same neighborhood. We found those to work best. Make sure you have a good headline like: “$10 In FREE Dry Cleaning Just To Try My Delivery Service Out” Make them a dollar offer like, “$10 In FREE Dry Cleaning,” vs a percentage offer like “20% Off.” Why? I’ve tested both. The dollar offer works better. And the $10 offer works better than $20, $30 and so on. Trust me on this. I spent lots of time and money to figure this out. And the next most important thing is to have a deadline. You’ve got to pick a date by which the offer expires. And I forgot, you also need a “call to action.” Tell them to, “Pick up the phone right now and call 234-4400 to get $10 in FREE dry cleaning.”

    And with businesses, they are a good source of route customers–the employee’s and the business itself. If it’s a hair salon, dentist, doctor, massage parlor (legit) and a bunch more, you can get lots of laundry from them. And you can get their employee’s to give you their dry cleaning too. I have a program where we send out a series of three letters that get the business to call you–NO Door Knocking!

    Go here to check it out:

    I hope I answered your questions. Good luck! And I hope to meet you one day.

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