Are You Personally Creating & Writing Your Dry Cleaner’s Advertising?

If you’re not, you should learn. You know better than anyone else what you’re customers are looking for.

Writing good ads, PPC, brochures and sales letters isn’t really that difficult.  Once you understand the basics, you’ll be able to put them together quickly and effectively.advertising-article

The first thing I want you to do is to forget everything your English teacher taught you.  You heard me right; forget everything you were taught in grade school and high school about writing. You were taught to write boring sounding complete sentences with proper grammar.  We won’t throw all the grammar out the window, but we’ll get rid of those boring sentences.

The first and most important way to write a copy that sells is to write the way you talk.  Talk to one person as if you’re sitting across the table from him or her.  Imagine that as you write.  It’s OK to use words like, “gonna” or “ain’t.”  I know those words are not proper English and I know that my 8th grade English teacher Sister Mary Ann would slap my knuckles with a ruler if I used them.  But guess what, Sister Mary Ann?  This is not English class.  This is the real world.  And in the real world you and I have to use language that will get our point across.  You might have difficulty with this.  I did at first, but not anymore.  How do you like how I’m writing to you now?  It’s folksy and easy to read, isn’t it?  This is how you should write to your dry cleaning customers and prospective customers.

This might seem a little corny, but here it goes.  Write with love.  Write a love letter to your customers wooing them to purchase your dry cleaning service.  Tell them all the great benefits and also tell them the shortfalls.  That’s right; tell them the negatives about your product.  Your service might not benefit them.  Tell them why not.  Be upfront and honest about what you can provide and what you can’t.  They will respect your honesty and forthrightness.  And because of this, they will give you their dirty dry cleaning.

Here are a few more things you ought to do:

1. Write short sentences and short paragraphs – they are easy to read and keep the reader interested.

2. Use a compelling headline – you need to catch their attention and a compelling headline will do that.

3. Write as you talk (just thought I’d mention it again)

4. Don’t use big words – you don’t want them running to the dictionary to find out what you’re saying.  The newspapers are written at a sixth grade level.  Even very educated people don’t want to wrestle with words.  Don’t make it difficult!

5. Use subheadings – this will break up the copy and make it easier to read.

6. Use P.S.’s – summarize your offer in the first P.S.  Most people skip to the end.  Give them something that makes them want to read your whole letter.

7. Tell your story in as many pages as it takes – it might be one page or it might be twelve.  The number is not important.  If you have someone interested, they will read all that you have to say.  Longer copy outsells shorter copy.

Do you ever remember reading something for your class in school?  It was boring, wasn’t it?  Don’t write that boring stuff.  Write with excitement!  Let your personality shine through.

This article is the beginning of how to write and produce your advertising. I recommend that you read, “The Ultimate Sales Letter” by Dan Kennedy to help you with everything you need to write successful advertising. When you can write and get a sales letter to work, you can convert it to work with your ads, PPC and your brochures.

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