Are You Doing All That You Can For Your Dry Cleaning Business?

You might think you are, but you’re probably not.

“Don’t tell me Greg that I’m not.”

You’re probably keeping very busy, but busy on the wrong things.

When I used to drive the van.

Are you working “in” your dry cleaning business, or “on” your dry cleaning business.

Working in your business are tasks like, pressing, driving the van, counter work, fixing the machines, filling in when someone is sick and other $10 an hour work that you end up doing because you don’t let anyone else do it.

Working “on” you business is setting up a 1 page marketing plan. It’s coming up with a script that your front-end people can use to get counter customers on your route (because they’ll spend more, stay longer, and won’t switch to the new dry cleaner that offers them route service). It’s working on getting a relationship with a carpet cleaner that can bring you in additional income. David Whitehurst, a member of the Colosi group did this 6 months a go and is making an extra $1,500 or so per month. You could hire a full-time person at $10 an hour couldn’t you?

Successful dry cleaners don’t do the pressing. They don’t drive their vans. They DON’T do $10 an hour work–they do $50/hour work and up.

“So what do I do Greg if I’m stuck between a rock and a hard spot and I can’t afford to pay someone else till I get out of this hole I’m in?”

First of all, don’t throw a pity party for yourself. Man up and take responsibility for your business and for your life. Lots of my members were in that hole.  I’ve been in that hole. There is a solution.

The first thing you must do is DECIDE that you want to get out of the vicious cycle of doing all the menial tasks in your dry cleaning business yourself.

The next thing you must do is set a goal of when you won’t be doing  that stuff anymore. For example:

“By June 30th I will have hired and trained someone to drive my delivery van for me.”

What one task can you start to get you out of your $10/hour hole? What one thing can you do today to start on the path of recovery? I know what it is, do you?

Get yourself a brand new route customer today. Start by getting a new customer everyday. What can you do today to get a route customer?

You can write up a little one-page letter explaining to your current route customers that if they recommend a new customer, you’ll give their friend $10 in FREE dry cleaning and you’ll give them $10 too. Do this and you’ll start to get route customers now.

And click here if you want an easy way to do that and go check out my “NO Door Knocking” Route Magic System.

It all starts with recognizing that you shouldn’t be doing the ten dollar stuff and then making a plan and setting a goal.

Posing in front of my van making believe that I still drive it. This was taken about 4 years ago. Been out of the van for 5+ years now. I know the oranges don't match!

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8 Responses to “Are You Doing All That You Can For Your Dry Cleaning Business?”

  1. Penny Rallis Says:

    We have tried refer a friend and get $25 off bill for customer and friend. Didn’t work too good. Peter, my husband, and I have two drivers on the road. Peter only drives if they are out sick. We know all our customers on the route. We have 400 customers and lost about 75 over last couple of years due to economy. I would like to get them back, but it’s very difficult. The problem is too many dry cleaners in our area offering pick up and delivery with cheaper prices,… Do you have any insights. We have a big store and two drop locations and employ about 24 people.

  2. Greg Says:


    First of all, cheaper prices by your competitors with the route business will not effect you. Route customers are interested in quality and dependability. If you have those, you’re in the drivers seat.

    First of all, your biggest challenge is not having a consistent method and system or systems to get new route customers. Getting route customers should be your number one priority. My successful members do bag drops weekly, postcard mailings within their route, new mover mailings, targeted high income mailings, get leads from their (keyword optimized) website and Google Places, monthly newsletter and get referrals.

    I don’t know exactly what you did or how your promotion was to get referrals. We mention it in our monthly newsletter, we ask for them weekly in emails, and every month, we attach a sales letter asking for referrals to deliveries including a plastic referral gift card.

    Referrals work–you’ve just got to set up a system to deliver that message consistently.

    Thanks for your comments.


  3. Debie Sarina Says:

    I am very new to this business and I have no business training. We took over a dry cleaners where no cleaning is done on the premises in May. I am paying another cleaner in another county to clean the clothes and I bag them up. We are a middle man so to speak in the dry cleaning business. I have been receiving your emails and have been very impressed with what you do however, we started with this business with a minimal investment of cash and at this time we cannot afford to purchase your system. Would the purchase of your book for $19.95 give me enough info to start the growing process?

  4. Greg Says:

    Debie–you can definitely get some things going with the book. Some of the more complex marketing strategies you must test. I’ve tested them. I’ve been in the direct marketing area for 30 years, so I’ve got a little experience with it. Get the book and you decide.

  5. Carrie Kelton Says:

    I have a small dry cleaning plant and would like to start a route where do i start.

  6. Greg Says:

    Hey Carrie–the best and cheapest way to get route customers is to knock on doors. That’s how I started. I got my first 300+ customers that way. If you don’t want to knock on doors, the next best thing is doing bag drops. I have a system that shows you how to do that. Go to and I’ll show you how. Thanks. Greg

  7. ANNAH Says:


  8. olawumi Says:

    Thanks a million for this information,would like to have the book,I live in nigeria,how would I get a copy.
    Also will like to receive more ideas from you often,thanks.You are indeed a blessing.

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