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Tue, Oct 16, 2012

Dry Cleaning Marketing

Advertising Checklist For Your Brochures, Ads, Sales Letters & Website!

 After you’ve written your advertisement, here is a 9-point checklist that you can use to make sure you’ve maximized it for sales.

First of all, I’m sure you know that the purpose of all advertising for your dry cleaning business is to get your prospect to start using your business. So you must maximize every piece of advertising you put out to ensure the best results to get those people to join your route. Image advertising doe NOT work for small businesses like ours. So don’t trust the opinion of your advertising rep when he/she tells you that you must run your ad a bunch of times for people to notice it. Or you must keep mailing until you start getting results. That all BS! If you don’t get a profitable response the first time, it won’t ever work.

And the next most important thing to do is to test your advertisement. Don’t go spend thousands of dollars on something that is not tested. Test first and they roll out the big budget. Again, don’t succumb to the advertising reps demands. Start with a small number and if it works, then go big.

Let’s get into the 9-point checklist:

Number #1: Does your headline enter the conversation that’s already happening in your prospects mind? 90% of the success of your advertisement is determined by the headline. Will the headline get your prospect to read or listen to the rest of your advertisement? In a radio or TV ad, it’s your opening statement. In a letter and your website, it’s the first words on the page. Does your headline compel your prospect to stay with you? This is first and foremost and most of your time should be spent crafting your headline. Go here to download a guide to help you write your headlines: http://drycleaningmarketing.com/100-headlines/

Number #2: Do you have a picture or a video near the top of the page to help grab your prospect’s attention? We have tested picture or no picture. We have tested pictures of everything from your van, your store, the sunset (one of my members) and pictures of you and your family. A picture of your and your family works the best. A picture of just you in front of your van is a close second. A picture of your store or your van is a very distant third. It’s not worth it. And no picture bombs every time. So here’s the bottom line: You must have a picture of you and/or your family if you want get the most out of your advertisements.  I didn’t want to plaster my picture all over my advertisements, but a master copywriter told me to test it and I did. I’ve got 400+ members plastering their pictures and there is not doubt—it WORKS! And one last thing… use a caption with your offer under your picture.

Number #3: Do you have a clear and compelling offer that your target market finds appealing?  What are you going to give your prospect to entice them to try your dry cleaning route? Most dry cleaners offer some kind of a “percentage off” offer and I’ve found that through my testing, that these don’t work too well. My members and I use a dollar amount free offer. I started my testing with $50 in free dry cleaning and it bombed. I guess it sounds too good to be true. And then I went to a $40 offer. It bombed too! I tested all the way down to a $10 offer and this worked the best. I’m sure glad it did. I’d prefer giving away $10 in free dry cleaning over $50 any day. And don’t put any asterisks by your offer. They just tick off your prospects. Give them $10 in free dry cleaning so they can try out your service to see if you’re any good. No gimmicks! No strings attached.

Number #4: Are you using testimonials?  Probably not. Most dry cleaners don’t. It takes very little effort to get testimonials from your customers, so why not do it? Here’s how you do it: Write a very short and simple letter and ask your customers for their honest opinion of what they think of your business. Send out the letter with a post-it note for them to write the testimonial on like this:

And then attach a bunch of them on your advertisement.

Number #5: Have you used visual elements to drive your reader to take action?  Visual elements like arrows, circles, etc. You could even use a handwriting font to get their attention. This little idea increased my response rate by 50% in one of my mailings. Give it a try.

Number #6: Do you have a call to action?  You can’t hope they know how to get a hold of you and what to do, you have to tell them. Something like this: “Pick up the phone now and call 234-4400!” Or for your website, “Click on this link below to get your $10 in FREE dry cleaning.” And just don’t tell them once; tell them 2 or 3 times.

Number #7: Are you using your real signature?  Use ONLY yours. Take a blue felt tip pen and write out your signature a bunch of times on a white piece of paper and then scan in the best one to your computer and save the file. If you don’t know how to do this, find a teenager to do it for you. You can even take a picture of it with your iPhone or Android to create this. Do it once, and you’ve got it for everything you do.


Number #8: Are you using shot sentences and paragraphs?  If you write one big block of text, no one will read it. It looks to long and congested. Take a look at how I write all of my articles and you’ll get the feel of how it should be done.

Number #9: Are you using an easy to read font?  Something like Times Roman, Courier New, Georgia or Baskerville? Use your common sense. If it’s hard to read for you, it’s hard for others to read. Believe it or not this makes a big difference. I’ve tested it.

These 9-points will help you maximize your advertising to get the best bang for your buck.  I hope you enjoyed this and better yet, put these to work for you in advertising your route.







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