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Wed, Jun 15, 2011

Dry Cleaning Marketing

Once You Get A Route Customer, How Do You Follow Up To Make Sure They Stay With You?


How do you do that? Here is what my successful members do to ensure over 92% return with their routes and 76% return to their stores. It’s easy, but most of you won’t do it. It takes some work to get the system set up, but once it’s on autopilot, it works like a charm.  Here are the 7-steps:

Step 1: Snail mail a Welcome Letter – Explain how your delivery service works or the hours of your store. Include some personal information about you, the owner. Include your picture, prices, and the guarantees you have.

"Once you put the 7-Step Plan into action, you too can be out winning golf tournaments." (It's a fake picture, but you get the gist of what I'm talking about --right?) -Greg Colosi

Step 2: Email the same thing – This means that you get their email address just like you get other info. Ask confidently and you’ll get it.

Step 3: Snail mail a short hand-written Thank You note –  Thank them for coming into your store or starting with your route. David Whitehurst, longtime member of my group has his counter people send out hand-written thank you notes every day. His new customer retention rate went from 48% to 76% when he did this.

Step 4: Video or phone call – I use my iPhone to create a short customer video and I email it to them. You can also call or have one of your counter people call and thank them for trying out your dry cleaners. Most of the time you’ll get the voicemail. Prepare a simple script that you or your people can use.

Step 5: Send out a Welcome Kit – After a week or so, I mail out a micro-fiber cloth and explain how to use it in your shower to always keep it shiny and clean. I also include one of my best newsletters and another letter explaining our dry cleaning services, Rug Doctor rental, house cleaning and other services that I broker from local companies.

Step 6: Send out a newsletter every month – You can attach to all your outgoing dry cleaning or send it out in the mail, or both. 99.9999% of all dry cleaners don’t send out a newsletter to their customers. If you don’t do this, you are missing a huge opportunity to get referrals and to build loyalty. My members constantly are getting referrals and customers telling them that they read the newsletter the moment it arrives.

Step 7: Email them at least once a week – Tell them about your deal of the month, referral program, and give them some dry cleaning tips they can use.

I do all these things and so do my successful members. Once you get this set up, it’s automatic and happens without your input.  I just back from a trip to the Dominican Republic and while I was gone everything went according to plan, without a hitch.

And one last step if you have a route, you’ve got to call them every week with a reminder. I use VoiceBlaze.com for my automatic calling. Most dry cleaners won’t do this either. They think they are intruding on their customers. Guess what, it’s NOT your decision, it’s your customers decision to decide if they want the reminder calls. How do you do that? There’s an opt-out option when they start getting the calls. If you do this right, over 90% will decide to get the reminder calls and your revenue will go up at least 15% on your routes. I have some members that got a 30% boost in revenue as soon as they implemented the automated reminder calls. Stop dragging your feet and get this going.

You do all these steps and you’ll keep most of the people signing up with you. Now get off your ass and get going!!

And if you’d like to find out more about the 7-Step Follow Up Plan, call Andrea @ 1-888-661-7992

4 Responses to “7 Step Follow Up Plan”

  1. Sharon Dutcher Says:

    Hi Greg,
    I’ve been reading your e-mails for some time and always find them interesting. I’ve finally convinced my husband that we need to start routes since our new competitor is really pushing his home delivery service and we need to be competitive. Since we have no desire to reinvent the wheel we’ve decided to join a group with experience. I talked to your competitor, James P., at the clean show but didn’t see you and I do like the idea of no door knocking. Could you please send some info on cost of your services and what your company provides. Thank You,
    Sharon Dutcher

  2. Greg Says:

    Sharon–go to http://drycleanerprofits.com/ and opt-in. You’ll get a report immediately on what we’re all about. James is a great guy. If you want to knock on doors, he’s your man. If you don’t want to knock on doors, you should consider our system. I’ve got members that have added $40,000+ per month to their routes by using my system. Go opt in @ http://drycleanerprofits.com/ and I look forward to meeting with you. Greg

  3. Andreas Eracleous Says:

    Dear Greg

    We have been in touch but need to clarify a few things we have 7 dry cleaning branches and the large factory where the laundry and dry cleaning take place.

    We are situated on a small island – Cyprus where the population is small 800,000. Would your system work in Cyprus? can you do some research on this? it sounds interesting but will it work on a small island?

    Thanking you looking forward to your reply

    Andreas Eracleous
    Larnaca Cyprus


  1. […] Referral Rewards Program Along With Your Reminder Calls. First of all, if you’re not using an automated reminder call to let your route customers know you’ll be picking up tomorrow, you’re leaving up to 20% of your revenue on the table. My customers have been getting my “famous quote” reminder calls for over 10 years now. Don’t have the space in this article to get into how and why you should do this. Go find out more here: http://drycleaningmarketing.com/7-step-follow-up-plan/ […]

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