5 Eye-Opening Ideas About Customer Service You Ought To Know!

Mon, Mar 16, 2015

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If properly handled, some customer service situations can not only keep a customer, but also turn him or her customer serviceinto a raving fan. And you know what raving fans do? They blabber all about your business to their neighbors, friends and family. And you and I both know that referred customers are the best kind of customers to get. They’ve already been indoctrinated on what your dry cleaning delivery service is all about and what it can do for them.

I’m gonna throw some percentages and numbers at you right now. Don’t know where they came from, but they are generally accepted in the customer service field. Take what you want from them.

#1 – Dissatisfied customers tell an average of 10-20 other people about their bad experience. I’m sure this has happened to you? You ask a friend about the new restaurant in town they just went to and they say, “It was horrible. Food was cold. Very unorganized. Asked for money off the bill and they looked at me like I was a Martian.” Are you going to that restaurant? NO, you are not. It’s going to take 3 or 4 positive reviews from other friends before you’ll dine there.

#2. – The cost of getting a route or counter customer is 5X as expensive as keeping one. You know this first hand. Hopefully you’re investing in marketing on a regular basis. My members pay an average of $60 to get a route customer. What would it cost to keep that customer? You know their revenue history. You know how long they’ve been with you. Don’t treat them like a stranger. Treat them like a good friend that you want to keep. Don’t be afraid to invest some money to keep them. Give them $20, $30, or $50 dollars credit. It’s worth it!

#3 – Up to 91% of unhappy customers will not buy from you again and they won’t tell you why. Not knowing—doesn’t this bother you? It bothers me. You know when someone stops using your route service, but you probably don’t know when they stop coming to the counter. You should know why they’ve stopped using you.

What can you do? On your route, you should be calling them to find out why. In the store, you’re software should tell you if they’ve been by in the last 30 day (if they’re a regular customer). If not, they should be getting an email, a “I Miss You” postcard and/or a live or robo call.

You can also do a phone or email survey (SurveyMonkey.com is FREE). I like the phone survey better. You can really get the feel of what’s going on. And you should be making the first calls yourself before you hire someone to do it. Call 20 customers who’ve left you and find out why. Be humble. Be sincere. Don’t posture the call to get them back. Posture it to really find out why they left so you can improve that part of your business. You will be surprised at the answers you get. You should also call 20 existing customers and find out what excites them about doing business with you. Both the calls you’re ex-customers and existing customers will get you all enthused about improving your business. And make sure you share this with all of your CSR’s and employees. This will motivate then too.

#4 – 90%+ of dissatisfied route and counter customers will NOT complain about their bad experience. They will simply give up on you and go to your competitor. Most of that 90% will come back if your handle their complaints IMMEDIATELY and they will become very loyal customers.

You and your CSR’s must have a complaint mentality. What do I mean by that? You must dig out the complaints from your customer base. Most of your customers won’t complain, so it’s up to you and your staff to get it out of them and then take care of it.

I send out a welcome letter that has this big headline: “All I Want To Hear Is Your Complaints.” And then I explain that most people don’t complain and why they don’t complain and that I want to hear your complaints so I can do something about it. And then I do something about it. I keep them posted as to my progress. I get them involved in the process of changing what was wrong in my business. I don’t do this for everyone, only if it warrants it.

#5 – Customer service and quality is all we have over our dry cleaning competitors. This is what member Stephen Moore from Atlanta does when a new route customer comes into his fold: Live phone call as soon as humanly possible when they become a customer. Customer Kit delivered that day if it’s before noon. Welcome Letter out the next day in the mail. Welcome email out too. Phone call after the first delivery. And then they get a couple of uplifting emails every month.

If you’re willing to do that, you’ll have a huge business and lots of referrals too!

Providing excellent customer service can lead to keeping your customers and getting them to spend more. This will increase profits, reduce costs and get your employees excited to be working for your dry cleaner.

Next month I’m going to get into some powerful ideas you can use to keep and get more route and counter customers. Talk to you then!

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